Frozen pizza company to award $2,500 cash and Ultimate Halloween “Trick or Eat” pizza party, ten finalists will receive video cameras and free frozen pizza for a year.

Milwaukee, WI (August 31, 2009) – In celebration of Halloween and October’s National Pizza Month, Home Run Inn frozen pizza invites the next Spielberg or Tarantino — or the fun-loving family next door — to submit a two-minute original horror film starring Home Run Inn pizza in the second annual Halloween Video Challenge.

The winner will receive $2,500 cash and an Ultimate Halloween pizza party for his/her friends at home with extravagant Halloween decorations, Home Run Inn pizza, soda and paper goods for 25 guests (approximate retail value: $5,500). Ten lucky finalists will flip over Home Run Inn pizza for one year (12 frozen 12” pizzas), and a new Flip Video Camera (approximate retail value for each finalist: $235).

The contest runs from August 31 – October 18, 2009, and then the second round of voting for the ten finalists begins with the grand prize winner announcement on 10/26. For rules and how to enter, visit http://www.HomeRunInnContest.com.

”We hope to celebrate National Pizza Month and America’s favorite food in a spooky and fabulous way: by capturing the nation’s love for pizza on film,” said Gina Bolger, Home Run Inn Director of Marketing. “Like great filmmaking, quality pizza is an art form, and there’s no better way to show your creativity than by entering or voting in this video contest this Halloween.”

Entrants are encouraged to be freakishly creative by using music, humor and other unique elements to scare online voters in the contest, as long as entrants use Home Run Inn pizza in the movie (see website for guidelines and official rules).

For more information on Home Run Inn Pizza or the Video Challenge, or where to purchase Home Run Inn pizza in your area, visit http://www.homeruninn.com.

About Home Run Inn pizzas: All Home Run Inn pizzas are all-natural, contain no trans fats and were recently voted Chicago’s #1 pizza in AOL’s “Best Of” Contest. Home Run Inn Pizza is available in grocer’s freezers in three styles, Classic, Signature and Ultra Thin, and in Personal (6”) and Family (12”) sizes. Signature pizzas are topped with premium, gourmet toppings, including Meat Lovers (all-natural sausage, pepperoni and bacon), and Sausage Mushroom and Cheese Plum Tomato (vegetarian). Ultra Thin pizza features a light, crispy crust and is topped with either Cheese, Sausage, Pepperoni or Sausage-Pepperoni. With a traditional style crust, Classic Home Run Inn pizzas come in such favorite varieties as Cheese, Four Cheese, Sausage, Pepperoni, and Sausage Pepperoni, and use the same recipe and high quality ingredients as the pizzas enjoyed in Home Run Inn’s Chicago area pizzerias.

About Home Run Inn: Home Run Inn Pizza is a family-owned and operated establishment with seven restaurant locations and frozen pizza in over 40 states, with pizza made according to the original family recipe created in 1947 using only the highest quality ingredients.

MIAD at the AIDS Walk Wisconsin

The details… MIAD has participated in many community awareness organizations over the years, one of which is the AIDS Walk Wisconsin. AIDS Walk is a national organization that coordinates various walks in cities and states across the country to help bring about aids awareness and to raise money to help victims of the disease. The benefits of the AIDS Walk is that the money raised in that state, stays in that state to help the people living there with treatment, food, shelter, legal services, as well as their legal rights as citizens with the disease regardless of their financial standing. Wisconsin is proud to share that they have one of the lowest AIDS mortality rates in the nation and much of this can be contributed to aids organizations such as the AIDS Walk.

I have personally participated in the AIDS Walk since 2007 and I have to say that it has been a joy to participate in an organization that not only brings together members of the community but also contributes aid to those currently suffering and need help now. It’s a wonderful experience when such a force can draw people not only from the hosting community but also from all over the state. Teams that have participated have come from Madison, Milwaukee, Eau Claire, La Crosse, and Sheboygan just to name a few.

Ricky Heldt, Associate Director of Campus Life

Ricky Heldt, has participated in the AIDS Walk since 1999 and is proud to announce that MIAD has been participating since that year as well. He has said his favorite thing about the AIDS Walk and thing that he looks forward to every year is participating and spending time with the students of MIAD, good weather, and witnessing the crowd it draws.

Over the years MIAD has had various ways in which students have participated. Some years, students participating as walkers, has been completely voluntary while other years, faculty have gotten involved and have offered the students in their classes extra credit for participating; particularly in the Service Learning courses where some teachers have even let their time in the walk be considered as part of their 35 community service hours. Ricky has witnessed that the years where participation has been voluntary, students have been less likely to attend, yet when the faculty has taken the initiative and participated themselves, as well as bringing the experience into the classroom, more students have flocked to the event.

Another issue Ricky has called out, has been that some students initially show interest in the walk, sometimes don’t show when they haven’t been able to raise any money through sponsors. Something to keep in mind as a student showing interest in the AIDS Walk, is that participation does not hinge on the money a single walker might raise. The big picture is the involvement and awareness that involvement brings to the event itself. A walker can participate in the event and draw from it all the benefits as well as the experience itself that comes from the AIDS Walk.

AIDS Walk Wisconsin 2009

This year the walk will take place on Sunday, October 11th. Unfortunately, for MIAD students, this date falls on a Sunday during MIAD’s Fall Break. For some students this means they will not be able to participate directly in the event as a walker but they may still donate money or help sponsor another student who is participating as a walker.

Walkers sign in and can participate in the morning activities of community networking as well as information on the AIDS epidemic in the country. For MIAD students, MIAD provides breakfast for the participating walkers for free. Once at the Summerfest grounds, the MIAD team will sign in, and the opening ceremony kicks off the walk. This year’s opening ceremony will include a performance by this year’s honorary chair, Bon Iver, a young indie folk singer who started his career in Eau Claire, WI. The 5K walk will start at the Milwaukee Summerfest grounds and end at the Lakeshore State Park.

We all look forward to your participation and thank any participation in the past. It is through the students and faculty at MIAD who care to make a difference, that help bring our school closer not only to the Milwaukee community but to the state community as well. To sign up as a MIAD team walker, even if you are not sure about whether or not you can actually make the date due to Fall Break, please email Amanda Weeks at amandaweeks@miad.edu. There are no costs to walkers unless they wish to sponsor themselves or donate money. For more information on the AIDS Walk Wisconsin, please visit their website at www.aidswalkwis.org.

Contact email: amandaweeks@miad.edu
Contact name: Amanda Weeks
Weblink http://www.aidswalkwis.org

Tom Hamilton & Thomas Gaudynski Duo

When? Sunday September 20, 2009 7 p.m.
Where? Woodland Pattern Book Center, 720 East Locust Street, Milwaukee
How Much? $8 General, $7 Advance. Senior, Student w/ ID, $6 Member
The details… Electro-acoustic improvisations for laptops, electronics, and guitar as part of the Alternating Currents Live series co-sponsored by WMSE and Woodland Pattern.
Tom Hamilton (New York) and Thomas Gaudynski (MIAD Adjunct) explore the interaction of many simultaneous layers of activity and sound––digital, sampled and electric.
Contact email: thomasgaudynski@miad.edu
Contact name: Thomas Gaudynski
Weblink http://www.woodlandpattern.org

Interior Architecture + Design Welcomes First Year Students

When? Tonight, Thursday, September 3rd – 6:30 pm
Where? IA+D Area (east end of the first floor)
How Much? Free
The details… The Interior Architecture + Design Area faculty and students are hosting an event tonight to welcome the First Year Students to MIAD. Please join us for Pizza, Video, Film, Music and Schedule of future events.
Contact email: boblynch@miad.edu
Contact name: Bob Lynch

Milwaukee County Transit System on Twitter

The details… Hello-
The Milwaukee County Transit System is now participating on Twitter to better help riders stay up-to-date on important transit news. If you follow us at http://twitter.com/ridemcts you will receive crucial information including changes due to weather conditions, announcements of major detours and other updates.

Providing 42 million rides each year on more than 50 routes requires constant communication with riders. New social media formats allow MCTS additional ways to connect to passengers. We hope these methods will provide you with greater ease in using our system.

We would also like to remind you of several other ways we will continue to communicate with riders including:
• Facebook (www.facebook.com/pages/Milwaukee-County-Transit-System/191072575191)
• RideMCTS.com
• special passenger announcement distributed on buses
• on board Bus Lines Newsletter
• temporary signs posted at bus stops
If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.
Jackie Janz

Marketing Director
Milwaukee County Transit System
1942 N 17th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53205

Ph: 414-937-3250

Contact email: jjanz@mcts.org
Contact name: Jacqueline Janz
Weblink http://twitter.com/ridemcts

MIAD Soccer Club

What? Join the MIAD Soccer Club
The details… If you are interested in soccer and like to take part in our games against Marquette get in touch and join the game!
Contact email: michaelpetrella@miad.edu
Contact name: Michael Petrella

9/9/09 Shepherd Express Story

What? Shepherd Express story about 9/9/09 Show
The details… The 9/9/09 Show at MIAD is reviewed in the 9/3 Shepherd Express. It gives the history of the Performance Art Showcase, that is producing the show, along with a general description of what will be happening on September 9 at MIAD from 7-9. What the story doesn’t mention is that one of the participants, A. Bill Miller, is an instructor at MIAD. Here is how he describes his piece, “9 (disambiguation)”:
Through the act of repetitively drawing the numeral 9, A. Bill Miller attempts to conjure and disambiguate its deeper meaning. The process will be projected live as a Time-Lapse animation is created to record the artist attaining true nineness.
Students in drawing, performance art, and/or animation, might want to make sure to check this out.
Contact email: pegi.christiansen@gmail.com
Contact name: Pegi Christiansen
Weblink http://www.expressmilwaukee.com/article-7820-adventures-with-number-9-at-performance-art-showcase.html

The Multicultural Club invites you to attend –

Global Union – World Music Event
When? September 19th – Saturday
Where? Humboldt Park we will be meeting in front of MIAD at 1pm
How Much? FREE
The details… !!!FREE outdoor concert in Humboldt Park band shell fill with all types of world and experimental music: MUCCA PAZZA,LOS DE ABAJO,and WATCHA CLAN will be playing!!!
Contact email: jeanettearellano@miad.edu
Contact name: Jeanette Arellano
Weblink http://alvernopresents.alverno.edu/shows/Global-Union.aspx