Charlies Welcomes MIAD Folks!

Free soda with your 6 buck lunch
Date? Every MondayFriday Oct 19 – Nov 20
Time? Lunch 11-3
Where? Club Charlies, 320 East Menomonee
How Much? Free Soda when you order off the 6 Buck Lunch menu
The details… Above said it all. Free Soda with your 6 buck Lunch MondayFriday. Ask us about our other specials
including late night super specials for hard working MIAD students.
Contact email:
Contact name: Dawn

“The Helmet Project”

Date? October 23 – November 8
Time? 10AM-6PM Daily Open Until 8PM Thursdays
Where? Harley-Davidson Museum
How Much? Special coupon offer using link below
The details… A unique partnership with the Harley-Davidson Museum, a cross-disciplinary project with MIAD, involving more than 100 art & design students, 10 faculty members and the museum’s professional staff – will be on view as the first feature exhibition at the museum’s “Garage.”
Contact email:
Contact name: Vivian Rothschild

“Think Like an Entrepreneur”

Date? Monday, October 26
Time? 6:00 – 7:30 pm
Where? Todd Wehr Auditorium
How Much? Free
The details… The image of the starving artist may be romantic, but that’s about it. “Artists and other creative workers have long balanced their expressive work with business realities – marketing, contracts, funding, financing, patronage, and public engagement. Whether as independent contractors, sole proprietors, company founders, contract artists, project collaborators, board members, or volunteers, artists need to think like entrepreneurs,” states Stephanie Jutt who will present on the importance of entrepreneurship to your future as an artist

Stephanie Jutt is the founder of the UW-Madison Arts Enterprise, a multi-faceted initiative originally funded by the Kauffman Foundation and created to help artists imagine and execute viable lifelong career strategies. A devoted teacher, Stephanie Jutt is on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has served as Program Chair and board member for the National Flute Association. Stephanie Jutt’s elegant artistry and passionate intellect have inspired musicians and audiences around the world. Her groundbreaking performances of new music, transcriptions, and traditional repertoire have made her a model for adventurous flutists everywhere and a recipient of many prestigious awards.

Contact email: melissarichards@miad.ed
Contact name: Melissa Dorn Richards

Corn Maze

Date? 10/17/2009
Time? 10:30 AM
Where? Treinen Farm W12420 State Road 60 Lodi WI 53555 (608) 592-3481
How Much? $8.00
The details…

15 acre mermaid

What is a corn maze?
It’s an interactive outdoor game.
It’s a challenge for any group to conquer together.
It’s teambuilding opportunity.
It’s REALLY fun!

Enjoy a unique experience-find your way through our 15-acre cornfield maze with over 4 miles of twists, turns and dead ends. Challenge yourself, your friends, and family members to solve the maze and find all the clues in this mind-boggling living puzzle. There’s a special prize for those persistent enough to find ALL the secret locations in the maze.

How to solve the maze:

Initial Challenge: You will be given a map to the maze—easy, right? However, most of the map is blank, and your mission is to find the seven mailboxes in the maze and complete your map puzzle to find your way out. Requires map reading, teamwork, and persistence. Time required: approximately 45 minutes to one hour (could be more if you are navigationally-challenged…)

Secret Locations: Once you have a complete map of the maze, try to find the eight secret locations in the maze—they are not shown on the map, and finding them requires strategy and stamina. Only about 2% of maze visitors can find all eight—are you up to the challenge? Prizes!! Time required: 1 – 2+ hours, some take several days…


Contact email:
Contact name: Kurt Roskopf

Welding Demo

Date? October 26 and 27
Time? 11:00-12:00 each day
Where? Sculpture Lab
How Much? $75
The details… This demo is for sophomore students and above who absolutely cannot take the Sculpture, Construction class but need to weld for school related projects. If you pass the test, the 75 dollars allows you to weld for the rest of the school year. Next year you will not need to retake the test but you will need to pay a $100 fee. Wear leather shoes and bring a hat or bandanna for your head.
Contact email:
Contact name: Emily Belknap

Halloween Events at MIAD

The details… Save the dates for the following Halloween events happening at MIAD:

Fright Fest – We will be taking a bus from MIAD and getting a group discount – Saturday, October 24th, all day.

Halloween Costume Dance Party – Union – Friday, October 30th 7-10pm…. $200 in prize money.

MIAD Haunted House – Union – During the party!

Look for more information to come soon on all of the Halloween Happenings at MIAD!

Contact email:
Contact name: Ricky Heldt

MIAD’s Pumpkin Carving Contest at Colleen Horners

Date? Friday, October 16th
Time? 4-5:30 pm… Awards at 6pm
Where? 191 N. Broadway
How Much? Its free but you must sign up in R45B asap.
The details… 1st place $200
2nd Place $100
3rd Place $50

Space is limited and the sign up sheet is filling up fast.

Contact email:
Contact name: Ricky Heldt or Chelsea Atwell

Study Abroad Experience

Date? Thursday October 29th 2009
Time? Lunch hour 11AM -12.30 PM
Where? Fourth Floor Screening Room/Auditorium
How Much? Free
The details… Did you know MIAD has a Abroad Program? Ben Miller (ISA), Stevie Kinast (ISA), and Jillian Duckwitz (Printmaking and CD) will review and present their exciting experiences abroad at the Bauhaus Universität,(Weimar Germany,) and Warsaw Academy (Warsaw, Poland) from the Spring 2009 semester. Learn about their work, the schools they went to, traveling Europe, and get information on how you can apply for MIAD’s Mobility or Abroad Program. There will be a Q&A session and some of MIAD’s advisers will be in attendance.
Contact email:
Contact name: Jillian Duckwitz

RECONNECTION Preview for the MIAD Community

Date? Thursday, October 15
Time? 6 – 9 pm
Where? Layton Gallery
How Much? free
The details… The entire MIAD community is invited to a special preview of Reconnection on Thursday evening. Meet the artists and join in the camaraderie, libations and hors d’oeuvres will be served.
Contact email:
Contact name: Melissa Dorn Richards

MIAD has an online rider board.

The details… Are you planning on traveling over the holidays? Would you like someone to ride with you? Do you need a ride and don’t have a car? Use the link below to fill out a posting on the MIAD Ride Board… or check out the board for available rides here…
Contact email:
Contact name: Ricky Heldt