Yoga Classes At MIAD – Taught by Melissa Brown

Date? Starting this coming Monday and every Monday
Time? 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Where? MIAD Union
How Much? Free – Please bring a mat if you have one.
The details… More than 18 years of dance experience had me craving to reengage my body in physical activity while allowing my mind to release the stress. Yoga was the answer. With the strong desire to immerse myself in the practice, I chose to take an instructor’s training course but had little intention to teach. However after completing my certification at Milwaukee’s Kanyakumari, I became completely immersed in the practice and the desire to share it with others grew within me. I began teaching immediately. The focus of my teaching is to inspire new students to begin a personal practice, teach the fundamentals of the poses and introduce the art of relaxation. My classes are gentle yet challenging with ample time for focused breathing and spiritual connection. Every class is unique, as I like to offer my student s an opportunity to grow beyond their knowing potential in hopes of reaching true enlightenment! Please join me and begin a journey of your own!
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Contact name: Ricky Heldt