Computer Lab Access

The details… A number of you have inquired about the amount of access to “open lab” computer facilities on campus.

Last Fall, we moved the Faculty/Staff Training Lab from Y-55C to Y-20, a more visible location. The number of computers that were available in this facility did not increase. However, we have learned that there is considerable frustration in finding open computers, especially during the midday when most labs are filled with classes. To help address your needs, we have therefore converted Y-20 into a more versatile working area, much like the already existing Open Lab in Y-10B.

This means that faculty, staff and students will have access to the 10 computers in Y-20. No classes will be scheduled in Y-20. However, there may be a few times when the lab is scheduled for training or reserved by staff or faculty for grading.

We have also increased the number of computers available in Y-10B, the Open Lab.

The college is moving toward more adaptable learning spaces, where fixed computers, laptops, and meeting spaces are available to all.

Matt Ogden
Director of Technology

David Martin
Vice President of Academic Affairs