MIAD Mentor Position Description

The details… A MIAD Mentor is a knowledgeable and experienced guide, a student advocate, and a caring role model. A MIAD Mentor possesses strong academic skills, in particular problem solving skills; is a good listener; is patient, compassionate, responsible; is enthusiastic and out-going; and is dedicated to helping other students discover their potential to succeed in college.

Mentor Position Responsibilities
• Mentor peers in transitioning to college life:
o Fostering a sense of belonging to the MIAD community
o Establishing healthy interpersonal relationships
o Maintaining personal health and wellness
o Exploring cultural, educational and social opportunities available on campus
• Lead and participate in orientation events
• Participate in 4-week FYE sessions (1 lunch period/week for first 4 weeks of school)
• Respond to student inquiries and refer students to appropriate campus resources and services.
• Mentors are required to attend all training sessions, participate in new student orientation and FYE sessions, attend the mid semester mentor workshop, and keep communications with assigned mentees during fall semester.
• MIAD Mentors are knowledgeable in college and community resources.

This position pays $350.00 for training, orientation week and FYE sessions, with a potential $100.00 bonus at the end of the semester for outstanding semester long mentoring. Supervisor determines bonus.

Responsibilities specific to orientation week
1. Establish and maintain a productive and rewarding Orientation Program
2. Serve as MIAD’s representative to incoming students and their parents
3. Lead orientation activities, tours and discussions
4. Greet and direct parents and new students
5. Meet your mentees and establish mentoring relationship. Effectively communicate through first-hand experience student life at MIAD
6. Maintain a positive and energetic personality through the entire Orientation Program
7. Serve on a panel in front of a large audience of parents and families
8. Help with move in day
9. Other miscellaneous duties as determined by the Orientation Staff Committee

Application Process

Application Requirements:
• Letter of Intent (Why do you want to be a MIAD Mentor? What qualifications do you bring to the position?)
• Current Resume
• Name of one MIAD Faculty or Staff member as referent
• Completed On Campus Student Employment Form (Forms in room R45B & in the Learning Resource Center)

Application Deadline: March 23, 2010

Please send complete applications to:
Jennifer Crandall
Associate Dean of Students

*You can also place complete applications in Jennifer Crandall’s MIAD mailbox in the Faculty/Staff mailroom.

Contact email: jennifercrandall@miad.edu
Contact name: Jennifer Crandall