Skydiving Trip Spring 2010!

Date? Flexible
Time? All day
Where? SkyKnights in East Troy WI
How Much? $109-$169 Depending on Participation
The details… Due to expressed interest MIAD will be taking its first spring skydiving trip this year. If you are interested in skydiving I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, we are able to receive an incredible deal and you will be able to find it cheaper anywhere else! The cost of the trip will vary depending on the amount of interest, the more people who come the cheaper it will be for everyone. The usual cost is $189. If interested please contact me by April 9th.

The date is flexible so for those interested, please rank (1-3) for which weekends work best to least for you. Specific dates also work, if you can make only one of the days.
May 8th or 9th (Weekend after classes)
May 15th or 16th (Graduation Weekend)
May 22nd or 23rd

Thank you
Feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone @ 608-438-3905

Contact email: