Donate your unwanted art supplies

The details… instead of throwing away you old broken pencils and crayons or charcoal give your unwanted supplies to Artists Working in Education and City Year to create art kits for kids art supply items such as: colored pencils, paint, brushes, etc. The bins for donating supplies are located on the 1st,2nd and 3rd floor by the elevators.
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Contact name: Lindsi M. Lara

Student Health Insurance Continuation Information

The details… Dear Student:

All students currently enrolled in the MIAD health insurance plan who will not be returning in the Fall Semester, either through graduation or other considerations, have the option of continuing their health insurance coverage for up to nine months after their current enrollment expires on 31 July, 2010. Continuing students automatically have their coverage renewed when they enroll for Fall Semester classes and can ignore this message.

Your insurance coverage through the MIAD health insurance plan will expire on July 31, 2010. A great benefit under this plan is the option to continue coverage. Continuing coverage is a good resource if you are not employed immediately upon graduation, if you are employed but face a waiting period before your new insurance takes effect, or if you are taking some time off before employment or continuing education. With the rising price of health care, it’s important to have continuous insurance coverage. Many policies have exclusions for pre-existing conditions, which can be avoided if your insurance coverage is continuous without any gaps.

If you have been continuously insured under the MIAD health insurance plan for at least 3 consecutive months, you are eligible to continue your coverage for up to 9 months. The plan will cost $123 per month and you are eligible to purchase any increment between 1 and 9 months. The deadline for purchasing this extension of coverage is July 31st. To take advantage of this benefit, you would fill out the attached form and mail it in with the premium directly to UHCSR before the July 31st deadline. Note that two continuation forms are attached; international students must use the international continuation form, the other form is for everyone else.

I encourage you to evaluate your health insurance status prior to the July 31st deadline. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact me or the WAICU Student Insurance Coordinator, Kelly McCoy, at or 1-866-WAICU-4U (1-866-924-2848).



Tony Nowak
Dean of Students
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design /
Direct Phone: 414-847-3240
Fax: 414-291-8078
Office: R45C

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Contact name: Tony Nowak

Summer Humanities Credits: studying food locally

The details… Interested in why Americans eat what they do? Inspired by graduation speaker Will Allen? Consider taking HS Food and Power in the 2nd summer session. We’ll study gardeners in Milwaukee, and the ideas of Fast Food Nation, Michael Pollan, Sweet Water Organics and others. And our own diets…
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Contact name: Jeff Filipiak

MIAD Summer Studio Rental Information

The details… After much careful consideration, we will not be offering summer studios for rent this summer, due to the large amount of facility maintenance and building projects that will be done.

Please make sure to thoroughly clean out your studios, and be sure to remove any of your artwork that may be stored in classrooms as well.

Thank you.

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Contact name: Marie Kaminski, Director of Academic Operations