Commuter Meal Plan

Commuting students may purchase meals in advance or when you arrive on campus for the MIAD Café. This eliminates the worry about bringing a lunch or carrying cash every day. Meals are good for an “all you can eat” meal. The Commuter Meal Plan can be used for any meal served by Sodexo Campus Services. Our goal is to provide students with good food at a fair price. “All you can eat” means all you can reasonably eat in one meal. It does not cover snacks between meals.

Your meal is prepaid and a continuing balance is maintained in the food service database. You can ask the cashier at any time to tell you how many meals you have remaining on your ID card.

The cost of the meal plan is 30 Meals for $150.00. The commuter meal plan is sold in blocks of 30 meals you can add more meals on at any time in blocks of 30 meals for $150 per block.

  • Bonus! Three extra meals free with fully punched Frequent Diners Club Card. See Chef or Cashier for details at your first meal.

To introduce our new Commuter Students to the MIAD Café we have arranged for all Commuters to eat for free during Orientation week. We feel once you “get a taste” of what we have to offer you will be happy you purchased a Commuter Meal Plan to make your meal times easier.

See you at the MIAD Café’

All that you need to do is open the attached form and send it in.