MIAD’s New Floor Plan

Well the day has finally come. We have decided to abandon the color designations for the floors and  move toward creating a more logical way of numbering rooms within the building. While this is not a perfect or final resolution to fixing our way-finding problems, we think it’s a good first step.

Taking our cue from the elevator…
• The River Level rooms will stay essentially the same and be defined as RL + room number. (i.e. the Student Services Suite is RL45).
• The 1st Floor numbers will change from B + number to 1+ number (ex. B35 changes to 135).
• The 2nd Floor numbers will change from Y + number to 2+ number (ex. Y10A changes to 210A).
• The 3rd Floor numbers will change from G + number to 3+ number (ex. G60 changes to 360).
• The 4th Floor numbers will change from P + number to 4+ number (ex. P75C changes to 475C).

You’ll notice that any letters at end of the numbers will remain.
Because we want to keep to 3 digit numbers, all rooms currently designated as 100 will change to 99. So, for example, the Photo area will change from Y100 to 299.

Since the larger circle signs found in the hallway only have numbers on them, we will be leaving these in place for now.

Altered signage necessary for the 1-4 floors will be ready to go by the start of Fall semester.