Fall Break – Camping Trip Information.

What? Have a Car? Want to go Camping For FREE and EARN $$?
The details… Adventure Club is hosting a camping trip to Kettle Moraine Forest Oct. 17th-18th and needs drivers! If you drive, you will be waived the $10 fee and earn $10/passenger. Please contact ASAP if interested.
Contact email: autumnbrown@miad.edu
Contact name: Autumn Brown

Cardboard Shelter Exhibition and Ice Cream Social

Date? Tuesday, October 5th
Time? 5pm – 7pm
Where? Student Gallery and MIAD Cafe
How Much? Free Ice Cream
The details… Sophomore IA+D students are inviting all Foundations students to a free ice cream Sundae Social in the Student Gallery. Come join us to see the exhibit, grab an ice cream sundae and enjoy the live entertainment!
Contact email: rlynch@miad.edu
Contact name: Bob Lynch

MIAD Yoga Class at Yama Yoga Studio

Date? Every Friday
Time? 2pm – 3:30 pm
Where? Yama Yoga Studio at 231 E. Buffalo, 2nd Floor
How Much? Free
The details… The class is taught by Amy Parnel and held at Yama Yoga Studio at 231 E. Buffalo. You must sign in and wear clothes ready to be able to move in. Bring a mat if you have one the studio also has props available.
Contact email: jeannetteralyea@miad.edu
Contact name: Jeannette Ralyea

Student/Alumni Art Sale

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Date? November 12 & 13
Time? Nov 12, 5 – 10 pm & Nov 13, 10 am – 5 pm
Where? 4th Floor Gallery
How Much? Nov 12, $20 (free to participating artists) & Nov 13, free
The details… All students and alumni are invited to sell work in the MIAD Student/Alumni Art Sale. Two Art Sale Q&A’s will take place on Oct 4, 11-1 (470B) and Oct 5, 6-7 (470B), more information and participation form at http://bit.ly/bre28X
Contact email: melissarichards@miad.edu
Contact name: Melissa Dorn Richards
Weblink http://bit.ly/bre28X

Seasonal Flu Shot

Date? Octover 21,2010
Time? 11:30am – 1:00pm
Where? Brooks-Stevens Gallery
How Much? $25 unless you are a student, faculty, or staff member with MIAD insurance.
The details… Get your H1N1 vaccination to make sure you pass your exams and not the flu!
Contact email: tonynowak@miad.edu
Contact name: Tony Nowak

MIAD Faculty Reading

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Date? Thursday, September 30, 2010
Time? 7:00 P.M.
Where? Frederick Layton Gallery
How Much? Free
The details… This reading will feature the poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction of MIAD’s Writing faculty.
Contact email: judithharway@miad.edu
Contact name: Judith Harway
Weblink http://

London Course Registration

What? London Course Registration September 27October 1
The details… Registration for MIAD’s J-Term London Program begins next Monday and ends Friday, October 1st at 2:00PM. Open to sophomores and above who have completed WR200 by time of travel. Contact Jenny Krantz for more information ASAP!! See weblink for course details.
Contact email: jkrantz@miad.edu
Contact name: Jenny Krantz
Weblink http://miad.edu.studyabroad

MIAD Cafe – Now Offering Grab and Go!

What? Pre-order form for Lunch
The details… Don’t have time in between your classes to grab lunch? We have you covered. Just email Chef John the day before and we will have your meal ready to pick up when you need it.

We will need the following info:

Your Name:

What meal plan you are on:

Do you want the Bag Lunch:

Just name your sandwich choice, we will do the rest:

Turkey +

Ham +

Veggie +

OR look at the menu and tell us to prepare a hot meal for you. You will get one serving of the Entree, starch and vegetable. Menu items subject to change.

meals come with a bottle of water, a piece of fruit or cookies

Please tell us time you will pick meal up: (between 10:50 and 2:00)

Just pop into Cafe and tell any staff member that you should have a meal waiting. Pick up your meal, and then swipe your card or pay for the meal in cash.

Note: for hot meals you must sign out a re-usable to-go container that must be returned to the kitchen for cleaning before you can get a new one.

Meal requests will be accepted until 9:00am the day you need your meal.

This is new for all of us, but we can make this work.

Contact email: johndamico@miad.edu
Contact name: Chef John
Weblink http://miaddining.com

Homecoming Olympics

Date? October 9, 2010
Time? 1pm – 4pm
Where? Grass Field between Summerfest and Milwaukee Art Museum
How Much? FREE
The details… MIAD’s first annual Homecoming Olympics. Teams of 8 (at least 1 boy/girl on each team). Create team names and shirts. Fun games and obstacles. Winning team crowned Kings and Queens at Homecoming Dance.
Contact email: annemorningstar@miad.edu
Contact name: Anne Morningstar

Homecoming Dance

Date? October 9, 2010
Time? 9pm – 11pm
Where? Eisner Museum
How Much? FREE
The details… MIAD’s first annual Homecoming Dance, set to follow the Homecoming Olympics (1pm – 4pm). Formal, Medieval Themed, Catered, Student DJ, and much more!
Contact email: annemorningstar@miad.edu
Contact name: Anne Morningstar