Skydiving October 9th!

Date? October 9th
Time? Most of the day
Where? Sky Knights East Troy WI
How Much? $119 MIAD Student $139 Everyone else
The details… This is a fantastic deal the usual cost $189 a person.

Some other details:
There will be a $50 deposit (a part of the total cost) due as quick as this Saturday! This is because they prefer to have all deposits in at least 2 weeks in advance and the trip is coming up quickly. Let me know if you need more time and arrangements can be made. You must be 18 or older and weigh 230lbs or less.

Please let me know ASAP if you are interested and I will give you further instructions.

Contact email:
Contact name: Katlyn Ross

Screening of Andy Goldsworthy: Rivers and Tides at Discovery World

Date? October 4th, 2010
Time? 5pm – 7pm
Where? Discovery World’s Digital Theater – 500 N. Harbor Drive
How Much? Free for MIAD students and faculty
The details… Discovery World will be screening Rivers and Tides, a documentary about British sculptor of natural materials Andy Goldsworthy.
Contact email:
Contact name: Alex Boyes

42 Lines Submissions

The details… Hello,

We are in the process of putting together 42 Lines, the zine that is being published by and for MIAD students. The zine is going to be a collection of the art and culture of Milwaukee. If you are interested in submitting some content to the publication, please email Andrew Coyle ( a PDF of your work. You can send anything you think would be interesting that you have done and that you would like to see published.

Below are a few ideas of the content we are looking for.

-Art and/or design work you have created
-Papers you have written for class
-Creative writing, poems, quotes you find inspiring
-Photos you have taken around Milwaukee
-Events you know of or are holding yourself
-Anything else you see fit

You can submit anonymously if you would like or we can publish your name next to the content. Please specify this in the email.

You can send files to Mary Claire Ramirez, Monica Miller, and Jillian Stiles as well. (,,

If you are interested in the creation of the zine other than submissions, or if you have any comments about 42 Lines please let me know and I can see how to get you involved.

Contact email:
Contact name: Andrew Coyle

Madison Zine fest

Date? October 2nd
Time? …the time of the event… or “all day”…
Where? 600 N. Park St. Madison, WI
How Much? …is there a charge? or is it free?
The details… Make zines? Know anyone who does? Interested in selling/distributing them at Madison Zine Fest? Contact fest exhibitors Lydia Jarvis and Sara Caron for more information.
Contact email:
Contact name: Sara Caron, Lydia Jarvis

Global Awareness Group at MIAD

What? Call to Action
The details… Dear MIAD Students,

For the past twenty three years, a man named Joseph Kony has been leading a brutal and horrifying revolution against the government of Uganda; brutal because the war has displaced 1.8 million people and horrifying because it is estimated that 90% of Kony’s LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) were abducted as children (Invisible Children Inc.) I can not help but think, why do Western governments not take action when the idea of child soldiers has been condemned for years?
Throughout this Introduction to Humanities course we have seen the importance of being a witness and the responsibility it demands. Through their writings men such as Baldwin, King, and Rusesabagina spoke of injustice and our responsibility to our fellow humans. Each of these men stressed that this responsibility mainly consists of taking action to stop such injustices. I believe that since I have been made aware of the child soldiers in Uganda, I have a responsibility to take action to help end the war and bring the innocent children home.
I know that many people have a difficult time rallying towards a cause because there is a sense of individual insignificance; that one person can’t truly make a difference. This is not something I fear because I have seen the change that individuals and small groups can induce; case in point, three college students who made a documentary that grew into a national organization. I propose that we start a group at MIAD, a group dedicated to raising awareness through our talents. We may not be able to directly stop Joseph Kony’s revolution, but we can do the next best thing, raising the awareness of our communities. I believe that our nation is full of good and rational people; people who would not let the mass exodus and genocide of Uganda go on if they knew about it.
Invisible Children was started by college students, we are college students. They had cameras, we have paintbrushes, clay, and computers. They found a story to tell, we can help them tell that story. All it would take is a few meetings and events in which the students of MIAD invoke the community of Milwaukee to hear the stories of these children. The first step is to make the effort to start a Global Awareness group next fall, a group dedicated to telling the stories of those who cannot. We will hold school and community meetings where we address specific issues and how we can help. Our initial focus will be on the child soldiers of Uganda by having screenings of Invisible Children movies, book drives, and fundraisers to help the cause. Our greatest events will be art shows where we can use our talents to raise awareness and money. We will create powerful works of art, works that challenge viewers to take action, and use any profits from the shows to help Invisible Children . Art has the unique ability to inspire people in ways that words cannot; through our work, we can not only raise awareness, but create feelings of compassion and hope.
My goal is that this Global Awareness Group at MIAD will be a beacon of light for groups with a story to tell, but without a medium to tell it. We have a responsibility to our fellow human beings to help them as much as we can, and in any way we can. Injustice will always be the roadblock on the path towards global peace and prosperity, but conscious action by every person can change that. Our mission can be summed up by Margaret Mead, “ A small group of thoughtful people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


Alley Grace

Contact email:
Contact name: Alley Grace

Time to sign up for MIAD text alerts for 2010-2011.

The details… To keep the list fresh, we have purged all the old student phone numbers from the system on September 15, 2010.


go to

Use the form to sign up for official MIAD communications via text messages and email. Faculty and staff are urged to check their accounts for accuracy.

This system will be used in cases of unscheduled closings (such as snow days), emergencies, and other urgent and important situations.

The messages are sent by SMS text, and also (if you choose) by email. Depending on your plan, you may be charged by your phone provider for messages received.

This system is completely voluntary and designed to be managed by you. You’ll be asked to set up a password when you sign up. This will allow you to make changes to your account later on. For example, you may wish to change your notification phone number, or your wireless carrier. You can even cancel the service if that’s what you prefer.

Contact email:
Contact name: Dave O’Meara

Senior Danielle Rosen on the radio!

The details… At 9:00 in the morning on September 22nd, the day of the Performance Art Showcase, 88.9 Radio Milwaukee announcer Jordan Lee will be interviewing senior Danielle Rosen about her piece, PROXIMITY MAINTENANCE. Please tune in and then come that night to the 4th Floor Gallery between 7:30 and 9:30 to participate!
Contact email:
Contact name: Pegi Christiansen

Generate 2010: An Exhibition of Fine Arts by MIAD Alumni

Date? Friday, September 24
Time? 5-9
Where? 234 W. Florida
How Much? free
The details… This annual, juried exhibition continues with fine art works curated by Keith Nelson ’00 (Painting) and participating artists Mary DiBiasio ’06, Chad Hallblade ’02, Alison Heape ’06, Juliet Jaeger ’06, David Kasir ’01, Katie Martin ’01, Amanda Proeber ’00, Kristina Rolander ’01, Catherine Stack ’01, Oliver Sweet ’06, Paul Stoelting ’03, Amanda Tollefson ’04, Shane Walsh ’01 and Lindsey Wolkowicz ’03. Open Saturdays, 12 – 4 p.m. until October 16. Generously sponsored by Park Bank.
234 W. Florida, in the Fifth Ward
Contact email:
Contact name: Melissa Dorn Richards

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MIAD Student Government – Mission, Goals, Function, Process and Committees

The details… MIAD Student Government Mission Statement:
• The mission of MIAD’s Student Government is to take action to develop community, communication and change.

MIAD Student Government Goals:
• Increase students’ involvement in the community.
• Provide a bridge between the student body and administration
in order to empower and facilitate student voice
• Establish the Student Government as a viable and beneficial organization in the MIAD Community.

Why did the MIAD Student Government move away from the traditional pre-existing system?
• The student representatives of the majors would not show to meetings
• The meetings would take place void of purpose and motivation on all ends
• The funds given to Majors were not being utilized.
• Something needed to change to get students passionate about their involvement in the MIAD community.
• There needed to be a re-evaluation to bring attention to Student Government as a resource that allows students to act and potentially change the problems the see on campus.
• We began to seek the professional help of faculty members such as Neil Hoffman, David Martin, and Ricky Heldt. We asked advice as to how to spark interest in students to be active participants in changes in the school.

What we came up with:
• Every year/semester there will be a core group of leaders voted in to facilitated meetings, spark ideas, keep students motivated, make sure students are acting on plans, and operations run smoothly and take care of finances. Basically monitory positions.
• We decided it should be three leaders, to keep it an odd number
• One leading a semester, and one observing for the next year.
• This year it is Kyle Diener, Ashley Janke, and Andrew Coyle.
• Apart from the consistent leading positions, there will be variable comities including but not limited to:
• Fine Arts
• Takes care of Fine Arts biased majors
• Problems
• Finances/proposals for money in the major
• Takes care of Design biased majors
• Problems
• Finances/proposals for money in the major
• Foundations
• Deals with specific needs for foundations students
• Takes students in dorms into account
• Keeps up contemporary feed back of the foundations programs and functionality.
• Communications
• Gets the name of Student Government out and around the school
• Makes Student Government Accessible
• Portrays the actions of the Student Government to the rest of the student body.
• Keeps functions, activities, and events at MIAD running and consistent from year to year.
• Proposals
• Collects and sorts proposals from the student body about what could be improved in MIAD and prompts actions on how they can be solved or dealt with.
MIAD Student Gallery
• This is a transformed space at MIAD that used to be the smoking room in the Union.
• This space provides an opportunity for students to show their work, and potentially work with practicing artists outside of MIAD.
• This space will hopefully function as a bridge between MIAD students and the rest of the community, Fine Art and Design biased a like.

How do the Committees run?

• This year Student Government is open to anyone who is dedicated and willing.
• This has already helped with attendance and participation
• It is asked that participants choose one primary committee to be apart of so that they can focuses their time and energy, however dabbling in other groups is allowed.
• Committee heads are voted upon and show through who is willing to take the initiative to head the group.
• Participation is show through attendance, as well action and physical willingness (such as sending notes to any of the leaders about concerns wished to be brought up in the meetings).
• A benefit of the variable comities is that they run on the need base of the students. If a large particular problem is brought up one year, a special committee can be constructed to deal with it, and then be let go the next year upon resolution.
• The new Student Government guide lines function with the ability to adapt and evolve around the change at MIAD, and is molded to the needs of the current student body.

Contact email:
Contact name: Kyle Diener or Ashley Janke