What’s going on with Student Government?

The details… We are rapidly approaching mid-semester and as the school year progresses, The MIAD Student Government is moving closer to its goals. We are really close to achieving many of our overhauls and with your continued enthusiasm we can make it happen!

Below are a few highlights.

-Traditions Committee [Leader: Jeannette Ralyea]
The Halloween party at Discovery World was a great success! There were many great costumes and a huge turnout.

-Foundations Committee [Abe Kassem] is working on getting a guest speaker to talk about what propelled them to their chosen field. Abe has been talking to Patrick Castro, who runs a design studio with his wife Libby Castro. You can check out there work @ www.lpwstudios.com

-Communications Committee [leader: Andrew Coyle] launched the MIAD Student Government logo competition. There are posters up around the school advertising it. The winning designer will be rewarded $100! Submissions are due November 1st. Send designs to andrewcoyle@miad.edu

-Proposals Committee [Leader: Monica Miller] is working on creating different proposal boxes, which will be placed around the school. Soon Students will be able to write up there own proposals and submit them to student government. A digital version is available @ http://miadproposal.wufoo.com/forms/miad-proposal-form/

-The Erie Street Gallery is for self-motivated students who wish to show work from out side of school, or who have made an exceptional effort on a school project and wish to show it off. All students at MIAD, regardless of year and major, are invited to submit their work for a show. The Erie Street Gallery is for students at MIAD who take their own initiative to submit their work and is a vehicle towards their artistic life independent of their classes. (It is not for classes where the teacher has proposed the gallery and classes that have gallery/show space already at the school).

For more information for future shows contact a Alisha Denomme at alishadenomme@miad.edu

-42 Lines [leader: Mary Claire Ramerez] met with their designers Samantha Wilson and Hector Guerra about the look and feel of their up and coming zine.

Andrew Coyle
Vice President
MIAD Student Government

Contact email: andrewcoyle@miad.edu
Contact name: Andrew Coyle