Open Computer Lab Policy

The details… TO STUDENTS:

This is an email reminder to all students regarding our open computer lab policy. As most of you know, lab 220A is an open lab to all. If this lab is full, students are allowed to check other computer labs for their availability.

The following is the policy to be followed in order to access alternate computer labs (i.e., labs other than 210B):

Check the availability of a computer lab by referring to the monthly schedule posted outside the door.

This monthly schedule provides — for each day of the week — a complete listing of the classes scheduled in the lab, which includes the course name, the time the class is held, the instructor name, along with the number of students enrolled in each class in parentheses.

If a class is scheduled during the time you are hoping to access a computer in one of the labs, further reference the schedule and compare the number of students in the class to the number of computers indicated on the separate sign that is also posted outside the door. If there is a computer available for use during a class, you will need to obtain permission of the instructor BEFORE their class begins in order to work at one of the open computers.

Please keep in mind that instructors will have the right to ask a student to leave if they feel the student’s presence interferes with class.— do not disturb the class in any way.

Remember …

• Do not interrupt a lecture or critique.
• Refrain from engaging in anything audible while working at the computer when a class is in session.

I hope this alleviates any questions regarding our lab policy.

Thank you for your time,


Contact email:
Contact name: Josette Katcha

MIAD Blood Drive – Sign up Now

What? Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design Blood Drive
Date? Wednesday, October 27th
Time? 11am – 5pm
Where? Donor Coach on Erie Street
The details… To Schedule Your Appointment
See Ricky Heldt
In Room R45.
Walk-ins Welcome!
Contact email:
Contact name: Ricky Heldt

Nathan K at the Union

Date? November 18th
Time? 8:00pm-10:00pm
Where? Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design Student Union
How Much? Free will donation at door
The details… Nathan K. is returning to the Union!
“Newspapers & Prayers” earns a spot next to some of the most earnest and heartfelt modern folk records in recent memory, including The Mountain Goats’ “The Sunset Tree,” Iron & Wine’s “Our Endless Numbered Days” and Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Forever Ago.
– Eastern Echo
Contact email:
Contact name: Paul Rabe

MIAD Student Government Logo Competition

The details… Hey Folks,

MIAD’s Student Government needs a logo and we want you to design it!
The winning designer will receive $50 as well as have a nice portfolio piece.

We are leaving the design open ended, however we have a few considerations you should keep in mind while designing.

-MIAD Student Government Mission
The Mission of MIAD’s Student Government is to take action to develop community, communication and change.

-Classical Look
We want a design that is timeless, sophisticated and traditional.

-School Colors

All submissions are due no later than the 23rd of October.

Please send all files to

If you want to know more about MIAD’s Student Government please contact Kyle Diener at

Contact email:
Contact name: Andrew Coyle