Ice Carving Competition – Gallery Night – Sign up now!

The details… Happy Holidays Ice Carvers!

The 8th annual Ice Sculpting Competition, known as Sculptures on Ice will take place on Gallery Night which is Friday, January 21.

The sculpting will all take place in Catalano Square in the Historic Third Ward.

Good news – we added electric circuits throughout the park so we can fit a lot of sculptures in different places now and everything will be quite bright!

If you would like to participate please email me with your response by Wednesday, December 23.


You will have 8 hours to carve – 10am-6pm on Friday, January 21st.

This year’s theme is “The Wild Wild West”

Participants will receive 1 block of ice.

Judging Criteria:

1. Adherence to Theme

2. Creativity and Skill in Carving

3. Intricacy and Detail

4. “Subject” must be Recognizable

Prizes are as follows:

Group 1st – $500
Group 2nd – $300
Group 3rd – $100
Individual – $500
Individual – $300
Individual – $100

So that wraps it up. Any questions please do not hesitate to email me.

If you know of anyone who would like to carve that is new to our competition please send them my way.

Email me back the following:

1. Will you be competing? Individual or Group (I need all names in the group)

2. Do you need power for a chainsaw?

3. Do you need any ice picks or scrapers?

Contact email:
Contact name: Nancy O’Keefe

Lost and Found

The details… Just a friendly reminder that there are still several items left in lost and found. We have items such as cell phone chargers, reading glasses,sun glasses, sketch pads, car keys, memory sticks, a bible and two skateboards. If you may have lost any of these items please stop by the security desk. Any items left in lost and found after 4:00pm Friday December 17th will be donated or disposed of. Have a safe and wonderful break.
Contact email:
Contact name: Keith Kotowicz

Positive Evasions

Date? December 17th, 2010
Time? 8-11pm
Where? nAbr gallery (1142 E Walworth St, Attic)
How Much? Free Admission
The details… nAbr gallery is pleased to announce the one night opening of Positive Evasions, featuring Sarah Luther, on Friday, December 17th, from 8-11pm. Luther’s work deals largely with the documentation of social environments and interactions. Positive Evasions considers these issues in an introspective approach, investigating the limitations of social crutches and their potentially beneficial outcomes, through her sketch book inquiries as well as a dance party performance.
Contact email:
Contact name: Ashley Janke

GSA Club Meeting

Date? Tuesday December 14, 2010
Time? 7:30 p.m.
Where? At MIAD on the River Level under the stairs by the Frederick Layton Gallery.
How Much? FREE!
The details… We changed the date because foundation students have to attend something for class that day. And so far most of the club is made up of foundation students.
Contact email:
Contact name: Kaitlyn Garfoot

Lost and Found

The details… The end of the semester is fast approaching. There are several unclaimed items in lost and found. If you may have lost items please stop by the security desk and see if we have your items. Any items not claimed by Friday December 17 will be disposed of. Below is a list of items currently in lost and found.
Sweaters, jackets, gloves, water bottles,sketch books, note pads, cell phone chargers,sunglasses, reading glasses,skateboards,car keys and memory sticks.These items have been in lost and found for several weeks. If you lost any of these items please stop by the security desk.Have a safe and enjoyable break.
Contact email:
Contact name: Keith Kotowicz