MIAD Snowboard Clubs First Trip

Date? December 11, 2010
Time? Meet at the Union at 1:30pm
Where? We are going to Tyrol Basin
How Much? Bring 10$ for cost of ticket. A little money for gas. If you want to eat bring money too.
The details… This is our first trip. Anyone is welcome. If you have a car please notify me via email. Bring friends if you can. It’s going to be a great time snowboarding all night. We wont be back till 10 or so.
Contact email: sarahchurch@miad.edu
Contact name: Sarah Church

Winter Has Arrived

The details… Well winter has officially arrived and we have gotten our first snowfall of the season. With the snow comes the ice. I would warn every one to avoid using the alley between the academic building and the residence hall. In the winter the alley becomes a solid sheet of ice making it very dangerous to walk on.I would advise every one to please use the sidewalks. The sidewalks will be clear of snow and ice and will be much safer route.Remember many cold weather injuries result from falls on ice.Please avoid ice covered areas if possible.
Contact email: keithkotowicz@miad.edu
Contact name: Keith Kotowicz

call for artists

Date? deadline for submissions Dec. 20th
Where? Foxglove Gallery @ Locust and Bremen
The details… this is an eclectic show to celebrate the opening of Foxglove Gallery in the Riverwest Neighborhood.

please submit images to Foxglove.gallery.art@gmail.com
by Dec. 20th
if your work is accepted you will be charged a 15$ hanging fee

Contact email: foxglove.gallery.art@gmail.com
Contact name: Jessie HarlaQuinn


Contemporary Artists, Cream series – library display

The details… Please stop by to look at and check out some of our “usually library use only Reference” books now on display and available for OVERNIGHT check out. We have the latest and new in the series: CREAMIER (2010) as well as the previous four editions: Cream (1998), Fresh Cream (2000), Cream 3 (2003) and Ice Cream (2007) – each book has 100 contemporary artists.

Here Phaidon Contemporary Art Commissioning Editor talks about the new book.

And here Phaidon’s Associate Art Director talks about its creation.

Contact email: nancysiker@miad.edu
Contact name: Nancy Siker, MIAD Library
Weblink http://www.youtube.com/v/4logmeNOzJE

Change in Building Hours

The details… Student Government has requested that the building hours for the spring semester be changed to better meet the needs of our students.The changes would be to the Friday 6:30am-12mid and Sunday 10:00am-10:00pm hours only. We are pleased to inform you that we are able to make the requested changes starting with the spring semester. The new building hours for Friday will be 6:30am-10pm and Sunday 10:00am-12mid. Your input is always welcome and appreciated. Thank you.
Contact email: keithkotowicz@miad.edu
Contact name: Keith Kotowicz

Curios and Oddities

The details… nAbr gallery is pleased to present Windfall: Curios and Oddities, opening Saturday, December 4th, 2010 from 6:30 to 10pm, featuring Kyle Regan. The exhibition focuses on new furniture work to accompany a series of sculptural arrangements. Regan explores the chance links between natural and man made objects, while piecing through an on going investigation of geometric modularity in nature.*

For more information visit: http://nAbrgallery.wordpress.com

Contact email: nabrgallery@gmail.com
Contact name: Ashley Janke
Weblink http://nAbrgallery.wordpress.com