Student workers needed

The details… The security department is looking for 5 students to work security for Senior Thesis night Friday April 15, 2011. The hours are from 5:00pm-10:00pm. Basic duties will be to sit at the center stairwells and monitor access to the second and third floors.Pay is $50. If interested please contact Keith Kotowicz at 847-3301 or stop by the security desk for more details.There are only five openings and they usually go pretty fast so if you are interested please sign up as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Contact email:
Contact name: Keith Kotowicz


Vote on April 5th!

The details… Click here to find out where to vote and to make sure you are registered. Wisconsin has same day registration at each of the polling locations. Find out what to bring with you before you go. You can also view a sample ballot and know who is up for election by clicking the button on your registration record. All information can be found at the following website. –

All Students in the Residence Hall have been registered to vote in the state of Wisconsin under a special provision for residence facilities. You vote at the City Municipal Building at 841 N. Broadway between the hours of 7am and 8pm.

Contact email:
Contact name: Ricky Heldt


Vote for Your Favorite

The details… If you are a male in your 20’s, you are the target demographic for the Pattern & Product Design class project to design bedding. Please come and vote for your favorite design. The winner will receive a prize. All the designs and voting box are at the end of the 4rth floor hall in the illustration department. THANKS!
Contact email:
Contact name: Susan Kwas


Natural Sciences Field Experiences: Forests of Northern Wisconsin

The details… How does spending a week exploring the biodiversity of Wisconsin’s northwoods sound? From wet bog walks, to hiking old-growth forests and navigating wind falls to investigating patterns of regrowth following logging or canoeing vast wetlands and rice fields, the Northern Highland – American Legion State Forest provides 225,000 acres of diverse and somewhat unique wildlife and plant assemblages for you to investigate and explore as part of an independent research experience. We will be your guides on this intimate journey of discovery. This course will supply you with 1.5 upper level Natural Sciences credits towards your graduation requirements or as a component for your Natural Sciences minor.
Contact email:
Contact name: Paul Engevold

Natural Sciences Field Experiences: Lakes of Northern Wisconsin

The details… Are you interested in spending a week in a full immersion experience in Wisconsin’s northwoods? Lakes and pond in Oneida and Vilas Counties will give you a unique opportunity for direct inquiry and investigation; water, plankton and a beautiful environment are yours to be explored, by foot or by canoe. Kemp Natural Resources Station will be our base camp; from there you will launch yourself into an adventure of independent research, observational or experimental. We will be there with you, to help you learn. This course can grant you 1.5 upper level Natural Sciences credits that you can use for your graduation requirements or as a component for your Natural Sciences minor.

June 3rdJune 12th, 1.5 Credits

Contact email:
Contact name: Maurizio Murru


The Here Comes Summer Music Show

Date? April 26 2011
Time? 7:00 pm -9:30pm
Where? Miad Union
How Much? Free
The details… Skully, Paul Rabe, & Nick Nagowski are gonna farewell the Spring semester of 2011 with some live music, individual acts. and a farewell from Nick because he’s graduating.
Contact email:
Contact name: Skully


Alec Schuppel’s Stolen Camera

The details… Nikon D90, 18-105mm lens. Sea-foam green nail polished stripe on left side of camera body. There will be a $50 reward to whomever finds it and gets it back to me. Any and all helpful information will be greatly appreciated.
Contact email:
Contact name: Alec Schuppel



The details… No, this is not a promotion for Rolaids, but Calgon might take you away! The point of this week’s tip is to identify your relaxation strategies and consciously employ them. Do you exercise, do yoga or play frisbee with friends? Do you meditate, take 30 minute cat-naps or sing in the shower? Do you hum, whistle or force a smile to relax your body? Do you take brisk walks or phone a friend to clear your head of mental clutter? This is the time of the semester when you want to pull out your best calming and relaxation strategies to keep you going like the Ever-Ready Bunny!
Contact email:
Contact name: Cathryn Wilson

Fine Arts Junior Meeting

Date? Thursday, April 7th @ 4:30 PM OR Tuesday, April 12th @ 7:30 PM
Time? See Date
Where? 4th Floor Screening Room
How Much? Free – Mandatory Meeting
The details… This is a mandatory informational meeting for all Juniors in the Fine Arts Department. The main topic covered will be the Fall break trip to New York City! Come hear from past students who have taken the trip, see a video, and ask questions.
Contact email:
Contact name: Josette Katcha