All Student Laptop Meeting – Recap

The details… Wednesday evening, March 30. Matt Ogden, Eric White and David Martin met with MIAD students who were invited by the college’s student government for an informational meeting and Q & A regarding the laptop program.

A total of 8 students attended.

We met for 2.5 hours to answer any and all questions. We also fielded suggestions.

At this point we’ve worked as hard to address student questions and concerns.

* We have the Moodle site and all of the threads of responses. Students can also ask questions there.
* The software lists and prices have been posted on Open Book ( and are also being communicated to incoming freshmen and transfer students by Admissions.
* Website messaging has been updated.
* Matt and Eric and David will continue to respond to questions.
* We’ve been rolling this program out in increments for 3 years now, with little or no bugs.

As Matt Ogden, Director of Technology, mentioned, the laptop program has benefitted by researching the laptop roll-outs by other colleges. There will be some unexpected bugs–there always are. But we will respond to them as best we can. We have a pretty good history of addressing issues.

Contact email:
Contact name: David Martin