Interested in being an RA? Will you be here this Spring?

The details… Are you thinking about applying to be a MIAD RA? Information will be going out to all students in December, and the application process happens at the beginning of Spring semester. If you are NOT going to be at MIAD or in Milwaukee for the Spring 2012 semester, then contact Anne Morningstar IMMEDIATELY so we can complete the application process before you leave for Winter Break!
Contact email:
Contact name: Anne Morningstar


MIAD Halloween Party at Discovery World

Date? Friday, October 28th
Time? 7 pm – 9 pm
Where? Discovery World
How Much? Free
The details… $500 in costume prizes, dj music and dance party, treats for the first 50 guests, mural painting, screen printing, horror movies, build your own costumes and use of the labs. Sponsored by MIAD Student Government.


“Generation Next” Gallery Talk with Emily Belknap ’07

Date? Tuesday, November 1
Time? 6:30 p.m.
Where? Frederick Layton Gallery
How Much? Free
The details… MIAD graduate Emily Belknap will talk about her contributions to the exhibition that features works by the region’s emerging artists.
Contact email:
Contact name: Eric Blaufuss


Humans vs. Zombies PART II

Date? November 1st – the end of mankind
Time? Packet of Supplies Available @ NOON
Where? Foyer/Main Entrance of MIAD
How Much? FREE
The details… You asked for it…Here comes PART II of Humans vs. Zombies!!! Think you can survive the wrath of art zombies? Pick up your packet of supplies in MIAD’s main entrance on Tuesday, November 1st…directions and rules will be included! You do NOT want to miss this round…QUADRUPLE the fun (400 participants).
Contact email:
Contact name: Anne Morningstar

ALL Day Scary Movie Marathon

Date? Sunday, October 30th
Time? 10am – Midnight
Where? The Park
How Much? FREE
The details… Take a break from your projects, and watch scary movies ALL day long. Free food and candy, pop and juice. This is truly going to be a Happy Halloween weekend event!
Contact email:
Contact name: Anne Morningstar


Pie Making

Date? Sunday, October 30th
Time? 6pm – 7pm
Where? Anne’s Dorm Room (#111)
How Much? FREE
The details… Bring a large and small bowl, spoon, pie plate, and fruit of your choice (4 cups worth). We will make the crust and filling together, fill our pie plates full of yummy goodness, and then you can take your pie back to your room to bake (it will make your dorm room smell delicious!)…
Contact email:
Contact name: Anne Morningstar


Date? October 31st– Halloween Day!
Time? 4:00PM-5:00PM
Where? Meet at the second floor Senior CD studios!
How Much? FREE!
The details… Head to the Senior CD studios between 4 and 5 for refreshments, trick or treating and a photo shoot costume contest! Dress your best to win a prize!
Contact email:
Contact name: Alex Newton


Course Selection Meetings

The details… In a few weeks you’ll be selecting courses for Spring semester. We want to provide you with all of the information you need to make the best decisions.

To prepare you for making course decisions, we are hosting 4 Course Selection Meetings:

Wed: Oct 26 — at The Park, for 1st & 2nd Floor Residents of The Park

Thur: Oct 27 — For Commuters, Todd Wehr

Mon: Oct 31 — at The Park, for 3rd Floor Residents of The Park

Tue: Nov 1 — at The Park, for 4th Floor Residents of The Park

All meetings begin at 7:30 and will end by 9:00

Please attend one of these sessions!

All questions will be answered.

Contact email:
Contact name: David Martin, Vice President of Academic Affairs