Leadership Position Announcement: MIAD MENTOR

The details…

MIAD is now hiring for the leadership position of MIAD Mentor for Fall 2012. Please read the attached position description. We encourage all interested and eligible candidates to apply.

Application Requirements:
Complete On Campus Student Employment form, including two referents (one referent being MIAD faculty or staff)

Current Resume

Cover letter (including statement of intent for serving as Mentor)

The link to the application form is located below.

Application Deadline: Friday, February 3, 2012

Submit completed application packet to
Jennifer Crandall, Associate Dean of Students

Please place paper application packets in Jennifer Crandall’s mailbox in the Faculty/Staff mailroom.

MIAD Mentor

Position Description
A MIAD Mentor is a knowledgeable and experienced guide, a student advocate, and a caring role model. A MIAD Mentor possesses strong academic skills, in particular problem solving skills; is a good listener; is patient, compassionate, responsible; is enthusiastic and out-going; and is dedicated to helping other students discover their potential to succeed in college.

Eligibility: Candidates must be at least a sophomore (Fall 2012) and be a student in good standing with the college.

Mentor Position Responsibilities
• Mentor peers in transitioning to college life:
• Fostering a sense of belonging to the MIAD community
• Establishing healthy interpersonal relationships
• Maintaining personal health and wellness
• Exploring cultural, educational and social opportunities available on campus
• Lead and participate in orientation events
• Serve as teaching assistant in a UV1 course for the first 4 weeks of school (if work/school/internship schedules permit)
• Respond to student inquiries and refer students to appropriate campus resources and services.
• Mentors are required to attend all training sessions, participate in new student orientation, serve as teaching assistant in UV1 sessions (if possible), attend the mid semester mentor workshop, and keep communications with assigned mentees during fall semester.
• MIAD Mentors are knowledgeable in college and community resources.

This position pays $300.00 for training and orientation week, $100 for serving as teaching assistant in UV1 (first 4 wks), and a potential $50.00 bonus at the end of the semester for outstanding semester long mentoring. Supervisor determines bonus.

Responsibilities specific to orientation week
1. Establish and maintain a productive and rewarding Orientation Program
2. Serve as MIAD’s representative to incoming students and their parents
3. Lead orientation activities, tours and discussions
4. Greet and direct parents and new students
5. Meet your mentees and establish mentoring relationship. Effectively communicate through first-hand experience student life at MIAD
6. Maintain a positive and energetic personality through the entire Orientation Program
7. Serve on a panel in front of a large audience of parents and families
8. Help with move in day
9. Other miscellaneous duties as determined by the Orientation Staff Committee

Contact email: jennifercrandall@miad.edu
Contact name: Jennifer Crandall
Weblink http://courses.miad.edu/pluginfile.php/58393/mod_resource/content/3/MIAD%20Student%20Employment%20Application%202011%202012.pdf


Art Direction presents Codebreaker “Follow Me” Music Video Premiere

The details… Celebrate the last week of the fall semester by going out to MOCT tonight! MIAD’s Art Direction class will be premiering their music video for Codebreaker’s “Follow Me”. Check out their music and our event page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/MIAD-Art-Direction-2011/226751520727345. See you on the dance floor!

240 E. Pittsburgh Ave
@ 9 PM
Free – All Ages

MIAD’s 2011 Art Direction Class

Contact email: juliexiong@miad.edu
Contact name: Julie Xiong
Weblink http://www.facebook.com/pages/MIAD-Art-Direction-2011/226751520727345


Burger Mania!

The details… What’s a MIAD Burger?
Chef Rick wants to know.
Please send us your suggestions.
Contact email: our.chef.rick@gmail.com
Contact name: Rick Smoot


Interested in being an RA?

The details… It is time for MIAD’s Resident Assistant call out!!!

From now until the beginning of Spring semester, you do not need to do anything except consider the RA position. Is it the right fit for you? Would you like to be part of a tight-knit family? Do you enjoy having fun?

The application process will NOT begin until the FIRST day of Spring semester classes (January 17th). Until then, here are the job description and candidate qualification lists:

What is an RA: Leader, Mentor, Teacher, Inspirational, Motivated, Hard Working, Determined, Rational, Effective Problem Solver, Trustworthy, Open-Minded, just to name a few:)

What does an RA do:

Specific RA Responsibilities

1. Regularly scheduled duty nights and weekends (once every six weekdays, once every six weekends)

2. Planning and conducting weekly building-based programs

3. Communication and enforcement of Hall (The Park) & MIAD policies.

4. Helping students work through difficulties (roommate, school/classes, personal, etc.)

5. Break coverage (duty) during Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Breaks (one RA must stay in the Hall during every break, and all RAs must stay during one break each academic year)

6. Attendance at weekly staff meetings

7. Serving as a liaison between students and staff

8. Maintaining Residence Hall communication through regularly scheduled floor meetings, current bulletin boards, flyers, face-to-face meetings with individual students, etc.

9. Supporting Hall Council and Campus Life events & activities (i.e., attend/participate in at least one school-wide event each semester)

10. HAVE FUN while inspiring others, and each other

Who can become an RA:

The qualifications for the position include

1. Understand and abide by MIAD and Residence Hall policies (and rationale for the policies). This does include The Park’s policies!

2. Ability to remain objective even in cases involving inappropriate behavior of friends.

3. Maintaining a semester & cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better.

4. No outside employment without prior Campus Life approval.

5. Experience working with groups of people/individuals and strong interpersonal skills.

6. Ability to be flexible yet firm; ability to be assertive without being aggressive.

7. Attention to details, punctual, responsible, and ability to think and act independently.

8. Ability to serve as a role model of a successful student and positive community resident.

9. Strong verbal, written, and visual communication skills.

10. Interest in and familiarity with community (Milwaukee, other schools, programs, etc.)

11. Maintaining good financial standing with MIAD.

Still interested? Please use this Winter Break as an opportunity to sit and think through/discuss the RA position with your family and friends. When we return to MIAD in January, you will have the opportunity to apply for this amazing position!

Contact email: annemorningstar@miad.edu
Contact name: Anne Morningstar


de novo: to photograph anew — Professional Practices Gallery Show

Date? Friday, Dec. 9
Time? 7pm-9pm
Where? Right next to the Fredrick Layton Gallery, under the stairs.
How Much? …is there a charge? or is it free?
The details… MIAD junior and seniors from Professional Practices are displaying their semester long bodies of work. Come to see great art and eat lots of free food.
Contact email: grantgill@miad.edu
Contact name: Grant Gill
Weblink http://miadfa382.com/


In Gallery Art Making Opportunity!

The details… In the next Layton Gallery exhibit at MIAD entitled “New Exchanges: Evolving Visual Ideas and Forms” there will be an open studio area where individuals or groups of students, can make art or design work. If interested, sign up for some time between January 27 and March 3. Contact MIAD’s Director of Galleries, Mark Lawson for further information.
Contact email: marklawson@miad.edu
Contact name: Mark Lawson