Student Parking Permits

The details… Student parking permits are ready for pick up. If you have registered for student parking this semester your parking permit is ready to be picked up. Please stop by the security desk to pick up your new permit for this semester. Last semester permits are no longer valid.There will be a grace period until Friday January 20th to get your new permit.Once you have your new permit be sure to hang the permit from your rear view mirror so it can be easily seen. Any vehicle parked in the student lot with out the proper permit will be ticketed by the Milwaukee Police. Security as well as the owner of the lot will be checking the lot on a daily basis several times a day to ensure that only those who paid for parking and have a valid permit are parking in the MIAD student lot. Also note that the visitor lot located direc tly across from the school is strictly off limits for student, staff and faculty parking. Any illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed and or towed.
Contact email:
Contact name: Keith Kotowicz