Guest Photographers Phil Krejcarek & Bill Lemke

Date? Tuesday, April 3
Time? 1:30 p.m.
Where? Todd Wehr Auditorium
How Much? Free
The details… A message from Jim Slauson:

On Tuesday, April 3, two important local photographers will visit MIAD to discuss their work and thoughts about the medium with the History of Photography class.

An emphasis in Phil Krejcarek’s work deals with the concept of performance photography: “What I have attempted to do is to create situations where a moment in a fictitious scene is documented. Color has been utilized for dramatic effect as well as for formal concerns of composition.”

Bill Lemke studied with Ansel Adams, and has been photographing the landscape for over 25 years. His extensive world travels have provided him with a wide variety of subjects. Working with large format cameras, he uses TriX and TmaX 100 film to capture the quality of light on silver as it works and plays on surfaces and atmospheres in nature.

The class meets in Todd Wehr Auditorium at 1:45pm

Tuesday, April 3

You are welcome to join us for these stimulating, even entertaining presentations.

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Contact name: Jim Slauson