What? Learning Resource Center Tip of the Week: How Do You Spell “RELIEF”?

The details… No, this is not a promotion for Rolaids, but Calgon might take you away! The point of this week’s tip is to identify your relaxation strategies and consciously employ them. Do you exercise, meditate with yoga or play frisbee with friends? Do you meditate, take 30-minute catnaps, or sing in the shower? Do you hum, whistle or force a smile to relax your body? Do you take brisk walks or phone a friend to clear your head of mental clutter? This is the time of the semester when you want to pull out your best calming and relaxation strategies to keep you going like the Ever-Ready Bunny!
Contact email: cathrynwilson@miad.edu
Contact name: Cathryn Wilson


The details… You asked for it….and we heard you! The library will be open on Saturdays from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm for the rest of the semester, starting March 31sr!


Please watch for the upcoming survey to let us know your preferences for the library!

Contact email: cathrynwilson@miad.edu
Contact name: Cathryn Wilson

The Lord of the Rings Movie Marathon (extended versions)

Date? Saturday, March 31st
Time? The First Movie Begins @ 9am – All Day
Where? Todd Wehr Auditorium
How Much? FREE
The details… Are you a fan of The Lord of the Rings movies? Do you enjoy watching movies and eating FREE food? If so, then join us for an ALL day movie marathon event in MIAD’s Todd Wehr Auditorium! Free food all day long, with lunch and dinner provided. If you survive the entire day and watch all three movies, then you receive a free custom, hand-printed Lord of the Rings t-shirt!
Contact email: marcuswendricks@miad.edu
Contact name: Marcus Wendricks

Summer Semester Financial Aid

The details… Registration for the Summer semester is fast approaching. Students registering for 6 or more credits in the Summer Semester may be eligible for a Federal Direct Student Loan. Summer Semester Financial Aid applications will be available at registration. If you are planning to use financial aid for the Summer Semester you MUST complete the Summer Semester Financial Aid application and submit it to MIAD’s Financial Aid office. We will review your application and award financial aid. Two copies of your award letter will be placed in your MIAD mailbox. You must sign and return a copy of the award letter indicating the acceptance of the loans in order to receive the loan disbursement. As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to come to the FA office.
Contact email: carolmasse@miad.edu
Contact name: Carol Masse

Milwaukee River Clean Up

Date? Saturday, April 21st
Time? 9am – NOON
Where? See Locations in the Details!
How Much? FREE
The details… Come volunteer at one of the almost 50 sites at Milwaukee Riverkeeper’s 17th annual Spring River Cleanup! The Riverkeeper’s Team will provide the bags, gloves, and FREE T-SHIRTS and YOU provide the hands and energy to pick up trash, litter, and the bizarre and interesting pieces of garbage that somehow find their way into our beautiful river system. Please visit the website to register as a volunteer!


North Avenue East – Meet at the intersection of North Ave. & Cambridge Av. by the Cambridge Commons Residence Hall
(1500 E. North Ave. / Milwaukee)

Riverside Park – Meet at playground by Riverside Park sign off Oakland Ave.
(1400 E. Riverside Place / Milwaukee)

Contact email: emilybury@miad.edu
Contact name: Emily Bury
Weblink http://www.milwaukeeriverkeeper.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=177

Humanities Program Review Wants Your Input!

The details… Dear Sophomore, Junior or Senior Student,

The Humanities program at MIAD is currently under review. We would appreciate your feedback on the program based on your experience as a MIAD undergraduate.

Here is the link to a survey we have created. We value your input highly, and hope you will respond. If you are interested in giving us your feedback, please complete the survey by March 26.


Thank you in advance for your thoughtful answers to these questions.


The Humanities Program Review Committee

Contact email: courtneymaloney@miad.edu
Contact name: Courtney Maloney
Weblink http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/humanitiessurvey4students

Talent: An Interview With Amanda Huff

The details… The MIAD Talent Show is an annual performance that shows a side of MIAD that is rarely seen. At our visual arts school we have a broad array of gifts; however, we all need multiple outlets to express ourselves. Every year the Talent Show reveals these alternative pathways to expression.

There is one student that embodies this hidden side of MIAD. Amanda Huff is not only a talented painter, but also an amazing vocalist. Everyone was awestruck once she began singing while playing the ukulele at last year’s show. Each note seemed to mesmerize the audience. Her sound has been described as a “painful hush,” and a “stinging lullaby”. I sat down with her to get a better insight on her art and music.

Read More: http://www.miadstudentgovernment.org/Chronicle/talent-an-interview-with-amanda-huff

Contact email: andrewcoyle35@yahoo.com
Contact name: Andrew Coyle
Weblink http://www.miadstudentgovernment.org/Chronicle/talent-an-interview-with-amanda-huff

Learning Resource Center Top of the Week: EXAM PREP

The details… Want to get a head start on finals? Try this: Write down what you want to remember (terms, definitions, ideas, facts) on a piece of paper. Write it out LARGE, and hang it in a place you walk by every day. Start doing this soon, and you won’t be able to forget it!

If you are in an AH151 course, an alternate option is to take advantage of Group Study Sessions scheduled this week for Thursday after noon at the Union at 4:30 pm OR on Friday morning at 11 AM at The Park! Sometimes team work can be a real advantage. Check it out!

Contact email: cathrynwilson@miad.edu
Contact name: Cathryn Wilson