Still Looking for Housing Next Year?

The details… Special Housing Program for Returning Students!

The Park at 1824 is making a limited number of single room suites available to upper-class students for the 2012-2013 academic year. If you are still looking for housing for the upcoming school year contact The Park for more information. Note that only a limited number of spots are available so if you are interested act quickly. For more information contact The Park at 1824, phone #: (414) 881-PARK, email: or visit their website:

Contact email:
Contact name: Shauna Tisdall

Student Health Insurance

All full time MIAD students are enrolled in a student health insurance program through WPS. The insurance covers all services provided at the Marquette University Student Health Center at 100%. For services not provided at Marquette the insurance covers 70% of usual & customary charges within the WPS network (one of the largest in the country) and 50% of usual & customary charges outside the WPS network. The maximum annual maximum benefit for the policy is $25,000 so this is not a comprehensive health insurance program but it does cover the vast majority of illnesses & injuries a college age population is likely to encounter. If you have questions about student health insurance please contact Tony Nowak, the Dean of Students, at 414.847.3240 or via email

Marquette Student Health Service
All MIAD students are eligible to receive health care services at the Marquette University (MU) Student Health Service. Marquette University’s Student Health Service is equipped to diagnose and treat most outpatient conditions. Students with major medical health issues or health issues requiring specialized care will be referred to consultants at their own expense.

Full time MIAD students who pay the MIAD health fee are eligible to receive all covered services at the MU Student Health Service without additional charge. Part time students do not pay the health fee and will be billed for services provided by the Marquette University Student Health Service.
The Marquette Clinic is located on the east side of North 16th Street, between Clybourn and Wisconsin Avenue, in the center of the block. The main entrance to the MU Student Health Service faces the east, away from 16th Street. There is metered parking on 16th and Clybourn streets. There is also visitor parking available in Parking Structure 1 located one block north of Wisconsin Avenue on 16th Street for a nominal fee. You can use your UPASS on the #10, 12, 20, 23, or 30 bus lines from Wisconsin Avenue and Water Street.
Patient Care Hours
Mon. – Weds: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Thurs: 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
(During noon hours there are reduced services & there are no weekend hours. Hours are also reduced over break periods and during the summer. Check the Student Health Service website at for the most up-to-date hours)
To serve you more efficiently, Student Health Service operates on an all appointment system. Same day appointments can be scheduled when available. Walk-ins are not accepted. Call to schedule an appointment.

Telephone: (414) 288-7184
Fax: (414) 288-5681
For emergencies, dial 911.

Students are asked to present their MIAD student ID at the time of visit.

Cost of Care
For students who have paid the health fee there is no charge for any of the services provided or any prescription filled at the MU Student Health Service. Students who do not pay the student health fee are eligible to receive services at the MU Student Health Service but they will be billed for all services (visits, labs, procedures, orthopedic equipment) and prescriptions they receive.
Marquette Student Health Service offers many clinical services. Some of the services include:

Diagnosis of acute illness
Asthma management
Treatment of injuries
Sports medicine
Women’s health including pap smears
Men’s health
Specialty referral
Health education
Acne care
Minor surgical procedures including suturing
HIV testing (confidential) and STD testing
Nutrition counseling
Allergy injections
Travel clinic
Eating disorder evaluation
Laboratory Services

Bus Transportation

All students carrying a course load of 12 credits or more will receive a UPASS. The UPASS will be attached to your ID card. This will provide you with unlimited access to
ride the bus in Milwaukee County to and from school. We strongly encourage you to make use of your UPASS. For the route finder and bus time schedules click

MIAD Student Parking

Two parking lots are available: 408 E. Menomonee St. and 300 N. Van Buren Ave.

The parking fee is $200 per semester, which is less per day than an hour of meter parking.

Click on the link below and fill out the online form choosing your payment option.
You can pay for access to student parking by clicking the link

Parking lots will be monitored to ensure only students paying for parking are in the lots.

Parking is available in these lots to students with parking permits only.

Parking is limited so reserve your spot now.

Overnight parking is not permitted in these lots.

Questions on parking? contact Keith Kotowicz, Director of Security and Safety at 414-847-3301


Some of your courses will require the purchase of textbooks. Please check to see if the courses you’ve enrolled in have required books. Any questions regarding textbooks should be directed to Mary McIntyre-Haig, Academic Affairs Program Assistant, at 414.847.3314 or via email

The textbook list for the Fall 2012 semester is available at

MIAD Cafe Meal Plan

MIAD Cafe – Meal Plan

The MIAD Café is open Monday thru Friday for Breakfast and Lunch. You can grab a sandwich, salad, and a daily special of a hot meal. The newly designed Café is your place to hang out, do homework and grab a bite to eat. Meals are on average $5 – $6.

You may purchase a meal card in advance for the MIAD Café. This eliminates the need to worry about bringing a lunch or carrying cash every day. The MIAD Cafe Card can be used for purchases in the cafe only.

A continuing balance is maintained in the food service database. You can ask the cashier at any time to tell you how much is remaining on the card.

Note: If you are living at MIAD’s Residence Hall (The Park) you have been enrolled in a MIAD Cafe Meal plan at the rate of $250 per semester. You may wish to increase your meal plan and you can do so by filling out this form.

You will receive an email receipt. Please print out this receipt until your Cafe Card is activated.
Funds remaining on the meal card at the end of the fall semester can be carried over to the spring semester. However, funds remaining at the end of the spring semester are forfeited.

Click here to order your meal plan now:

Call for Entries

Date? Images submitted to by Friday,June 15
Time? Exhibition runs from June 29-September 1
Where? Gallery 224
How Much? $25 entry fee if work is accepted
The details… “Fish and Ships” is the theme. All art media invited, unique and original interpretation of subjects welcome.
Contact email:
Contact name: Jane Suddendorf