Thank you ! MIAD Blood Drive – We made the goal and we made the news!

The details… Thank you!!! We made our blood drive goal and the next blood drive at MIAD will be held on Valentine’s Day. Click the link to watch the news from MIAD’s Halloween Blood Drive

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Innovative ad executive, Gary Mueller to speak at MIAD Thursday November 1 at 7:00 in Brooks Steven Gallery

What? Innovative ad executive, Gary Mueller to speak at MIAD Thursday November 1 at 7:00 in Brooks Steven Gallery
The details… Gary Mueller is the Executive-VP and Founder/Volunteer Creative Director-Serve

As Chief Creative Director of BVK/Serve Advertising (Milwaukee), Gary’s work has been lauded by everyone from Adweek, and Ad Age to
Newsweek and the New York Times. And his writing has won virtually every award imaginable, from the prestigious Canne’s Lion to the coveted One Show Pencil. With a penchant for breaking the rules, Gary’s work has appeared in five advertising textbooks, and his commercials have been featured on news programs from The Today Show, Good Morning America and CNN World News, to MSNBC, the BBC and The View. Gary is most proud of his public service efforts, however. As the founder of Serve, the country’s only volunteer, not-for-profit ad agency, he has helped hundreds of non-profits accomplish their missions. Since 2002, Serve has donated over $13 million in time and services to causes from shaken baby syndrome, brain injury and teen pregnancy to infant mortality, teen homelessness and child sexual abuse.

You’ve all seen his work on buses and bus shelters all over Milwaukee. This is a rare opportunity to meet the man behind the ideas.

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May I have your attention please!

The details… Dear MIAD Community,

It is my pleasure to introduce a blog by Mary Claire Ramirez.

Mary has been part of the MIAD community for the nearly 3 1/2 years; working, researching– occasionally ‘making’. She is looking forward to wrapping up her intensive plan of study next semester and begin the next phase of her life which will include moving on to Graduate School and obtaining a MFA in Painting. Her long terms goals are also very ambitious (which is not uprising in the least if you know Mary) and include studying Dutch, working in a museum, and ideally finding her niche in a professional career of teaching and working as a painting conservator. She also promises to maintain her interests in biology and architecture!

Mary has recently completed all of her requirements to obtain a Natural Science Minor at MIAD. All Science Minors are required to complete a HS495 Independent Study and produce a final piece and accompanying public presentation. Mary’s work, entitled “The Ecological Effects of Damming” centered around
the Milwaukee River and examined what impacts reducing water flow via dams have on the biology, community structure and overall health of the river.

I encourage everyone to explore Mary’s blog and discover her accomplishments.

Paul Engevold
Adjunct Associate Professor

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Artwork Needed for Non-Profit Health Clinic!

The details… The 16th Street Community Health Center is graciously asking MIAD students to donate artwork to be put on display within the clinic. Preferable if artwork related to Women’s Health (pregnancy, babies, breastfeeding) and wonderful if Latino/Hispanic culture incorporated but not required. Also opportunities for graphic design students to help with informational handouts about our programs.
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Contact name: Lauren Engler