SGCI Conferene Waiver – Deadline March 8

The details… MIAD faculty, staff and students are welcome to register for the upcoming SGCI Print:MKE conference for a full registration waiver – allows you access to ALL conference events & shuttle service. You will be provided a link to the program, a lanyard with an ID badge and maps. People donating 30+ hours of work leading up to the conference will receive the full registration package of materials (tote, printed program, etc.).

You MUST RSVP for this by MARCH 8th!!

*People who do not register for the waiver will not be able to attend many of the conference events including panels, demos, keynotes and the Open Portfolio, but WILL be able to attend the ranging events & exhibitions that are free and open to the public.

**THIS SPECIAL (WAIVED) REGISTRATION DOES NOT INCLUDE conference add-ons such as: BOX LUNCHES, OPEN PORTFOLIO, MEMBERSHIP EXCHANGE PORTFOLIO, MAM AFTER DARK and AWARDS RECEPTION. If you would like to purchase a ticket for one or more of these items, you will have to visit the registration page and purchase the add-ons.

Link to (waived) registration form:

Link to add-ons (please note that in the first window, you will need to enter “1” in registrations, but skip the promo code. This will bypass the registration purchase.;jsessionid=DF3CDA226AADAA084E5FBF6DCC49F8F8?eventId=659676&presenter=UWM&venue=&event=

Contact email:
Contact name: Louisa Walker