Don’t Forget! Deadlines for MIAD FLorence and Ireland Summer 2015 Approaching!

November 17th is the application deadline for both MIAD Florence and Ireland Summer programs for students wish to be considered for need-based grants. Those applications that are not requesting grant consideration are due December 1st.
Application materials are available outside room 450B. Student applications must also include deposit, 2 completed forms of support/references from faculty or staff and statement of intent.
Contact email:
Contact name: Jenny Krantz, Director Creative Learning Opportunities

MIAD Facebook needs your help!

Help us!

When you search for MIAD on Facebook, two pages appear. One is the official MIAD Facebook page (, and the other is an impostor page that redirects to the Art Institute (

Help us report the impostor page by going to this link: and reporting the page as spam/scam.

To report:
-Click on the settings icon in the upper-right corner of the page.
-Select ‘Report Page’
-Select ‘Other/Abusive Content’
-Select ‘Spam/Scam’

Thank you!!

Write about Movies, TV, Anime, Comics and other art forms

What? Write about Movies, TV, Anime, Comics and other art forms
The details… Do you want to write about Movies, TV, Anime, Arts, Comics, Games, Literature or other art forms? Do you want to get your foot in the door and enter the big-wide world of the online media and have your work read and shared by millions of readers? We invite you to The Artifice:
Contact email:
Contact name: Alyson


The details… When trying to check your paper for organization and flow of ideas, try this trick. Underline (or bold) your thesis statement and the topic sentence from each paragraph. Then read only the marked statements, and ask yourself: Does each topic sentence echo the idea(s) in the thesis statement? Does the order of your topic ideas make the most sense or would re-ordering them improve the flow of ideas in your paper overall?
If you get stuck, don’t forget the tutors in the Learning Resource Center are available to provide whatever assistance and/or guidance you might need. We are here for YOU!
Contact email:
Contact name: Cathryn Wilson



Date? November 7
Time? 1:45 pm
Where? 2nd floor computer labs
The details… Registration will be held on November 7th. Students will have lottery times distributed via registration planner. All students must meet with their advisor to receive their registration planner. In the event that planners are not signed, students will forfeit their time slot.
Contact email:
Contact name: Grant Gill
Weblink http://


We Advise, You Decide!

The details… As registration day is approaching, make it a priority to meet with your advisor in the next two weeks. Your advisor will be contacting you with more details on how to set up an appointment with them, but why not be the one to take the first step? Be the first to get on their schedule! Go to your meeting prepared to discuss not only courses and your schedule for the Spring 2015 semester, but also ready to share how you are currently doing, how your classes are fitting into your major and life plans, and any questions that you may have. If you do not know who your assigned advisor is, you can check the advisor lists in R45, the Student Services Office.
Contact email:
Contact name: Michelle Gross


Student/Alumni Art & Design Sale

Submit an Event

Date? Participation Form due November 15
The details… Student/Alumni Art & Design Sale – Participation Form
The Student/Alumni Art & Design Sale will be December 4, 5, and 6. Open to all alums and students, deadline to submit the participation form is November  15, go here for more info
Contact email:
Contact name: Melissa Dorn Richards