LRC Tip of the Week: It is Never Too Late to Plan Ahead!

The details… It is true, “Schedule it and it will happen!” When time does not seem to be on your side, take five minutes to plan and see what happens! Try the following:
➢ Identify the tasks (projects/assignments) that need to be done.
➢ Determine how long each task will take.
➢ Consider whether any activities can be combined.
➢ Determine if big tasks can be broken down into smaller tasks that may be easier to schedule (between classes/on the bus).
➢ Create a master list of all tasks and prioritize by deadline.
Then look at the times you have open on your calendar…and start scheduling the tasks, with priority items scheduled first.
If you get stuck, don’t forget the tutors in the Learning Resource Center are available to provide whatever assistance and/or guidance you might need. We are here for YOU!
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Contact name: Cathryn Wilson