What? LRC Tip of the Week: Best Study Strategies

The details… 1/30/15
If you want to save yourself the stress of last minute cramming (before class, before an exam, before a critique) consider Following a Study Cycle to routinely maximize what you retain (and can therefore draw upon easily when needed). Best strategies include:
1. Preview chapters for assigned reading. Previewing will usually raise questions to look for when you read – keeping you focused and helping to retain information.
2. Attend class and take meaningful notes. If you are in an art history class, organize your class notes by time period or theory to make a visual map of connections between art and context
3. Plan study sessions. Study session are BRIEF reviews of information that can help you retain what you know is important while at the same time helping you to make connections that are important for you. Study sessions might be as simple as reviewing your notes from class.
4. Assess yourself. This strategy will clearly tell you what you know and what you don’t know. Don’t overlook it! Can you explain what you know to someone else using the right terminology? Try writing it out and see if it makes sense. By identifying what you don’t know, you know where to start your next study session!

For more ideas about study strategies, you can meet with a peer tutor in the Learning Resource Center (LRC). Sign up times are available MondayThursday, 10:50 am – 6pm

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