FREE Yoga this Friday

Date? Friday, March 20th
Time? 2pm
Where? Yama Yoga Studio (231 E. Buffalo St. #201)
How Much? FREE
The details… Join Instructor Ali for Free Yoga this Friday (March 20th) at 2pm @ Yama Yoga Studio.
Contact email:
Contact name: Marianne Honrath
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Date? Friday, March 20th
Time? 6:00pm-Free Pizza, 7:00-SHOW
Where? 4th Floor Raw Space
How Much? did we mention it is free
The details… March 20th is finally here!

MIAD’s Annual Talent Show will kick off with FREE Pizza at 6pm. Show starts at 7, and trust me your going to want a good seat! First two rows get a complimentary splash pancho.

BQZ is hosting the night away. Shade and air kisses will be thrown.

Announced Acts Include:
Scotty Scott
Steffon Dixon
Ian Patterson
Lana Tamta
Max Hey
Rhyan Pankey
Josh Jacobs & Alicia BetanCourt
Mark Ellison & Jacob Mumford
and DeeDee Joseph

Contact email:
Contact name: Student Party
Weblink http://


2015 New York Trip Information Meeting

Date? April 1, 2015
Time? 7:30PM
Where? MIAD 4th Floor Screening Room
How Much? Free, of course!
The details… Come to the informational meeting led by faculty Nicholas Frank and Christiane Grauert and learn about next year’s MIAD 5-day Fall Break trip to New York City. Get details about the registration/ deposit deadline, planned activities and cost. Open to all majors.
Contact email:
Contact name: Jenny Krantz, Director of Creative Learning Opportunities



Date? March 20th
Time? Pizza at 6, Show starts at 7
Where? MIAD, Fourth Floor Raw Space
How Much? Free pizza, free music, free cats
The details… Mark you calendars, MIAD’s Annual Talent Show is March 20th! Though, sign up is now closed, we have a ton of great acts lined up.

We are happy to have host BQZ as our Master of Ceremonies. Will she be naughty or nice? Come to find out.

Contact email:
Contact name: Student Party


Health Heelers

Date? April 15th
Time? noon-1:30
Where? Library
The details… Stressed out about homework? Seniors, getting nervous for Preview Night? Would petting a dog or a cat change this!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Student Party is hosting Health Heelers, and organization that brings in therapy animals to love and play with. Everyone is welcome to the library to meet our new furry friends and for get all of our troubles!

Contact email:
Contact name: Student Party


Winners for It’s a Major Deal Announced

The details… Communication Design
1st Place: Benjamin Hapka
2nd Place: Brenna Finnegan
Honorable Mention: Grant Mahr

1st Place: Kaley Hamilton
2nd Place: Lauren Parra
Honorable Mention: Gabriella Riveros

Time-Based Media
1st Place: Megan Wells
2nd Place: Alicia Krupsky
Honorable Mention: Laura Axelson

Fine Arts
1st Place: Kellymarie Stamper
2nd Place: Elizabeth Rath
Honorable Mention: Kirsten Schmid

Interior Architecture & Design
Junior Award for Best Body of Work: Kyle Parnau
Sophomore Award for Best Body of Work: Kristina Rasmussen
Honorable Mention: Linh Hoang

Industrial Design
1st Place: Casey Maul
2nd Place: Thuy Khuu
Honorable Mention: Justin Kornely

Student’s Choice Awards
Communication Design: Beck Mulkey
Illustration: Kaley Hamilton
Time-Based Media: Lara Mae Vitanzo
Fine Arts: Elizabeth Rath
Interior Architecture & Design: Kyle Parnau
Industrial Design: Michael Wolowski
“Best In Show”: Elizabeth Rath (Fine Arts)

Contact email:
Contact name: Cassie Sacotte



Date? Closes this Saturday!
Time? Gallery hours: TuesdaySaturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Where? Frederick Layton Gallery
How Much? Free
The details… Engendered engages the contemporary experience of personal identity through artwork that addresses our relationship to the modern body. Each work voices the intriguing and often complicated dynamics of gender identity, and the societal structures in which those identities are forged, grounded and resisted. Curated by MIAD Faculty and current Pfister Artist-in-Residence Niki Johnson. Sponsored in part by the Mary L. Nohl Fund of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.
Contact email:
Contact name: Cassie A. Sacotte



Time? 2:00-3:30 PM
Where? ROOM 295
How Much? FREE
The details… What is Comma Sutra? Quick, Easy, Intimate Tips to Improve Written Communication and Well-Being!

Are you interested in strengthening your ability to communicate, experiencing the beauty of the sentence, getting to know the why of grammar, impressing your friends and family with the power of punctuation? We know you are.

Please join us for some comma communication and sentence sensuality. [Optional: Bring your own writing to explore!]

Contact email:
Contact name: Cathryn Wilson