The details… Who doesn’t love a sneak peek?

Get people excited about the 2015 Senior Exhibition by sharing your images using #MIADseniorExh on any social media platform! We will collect all posts and share them with MIAD’s community using our Tagboard!

Contact email: cassie.sacotte@miad.edu
Contact name: Cassie Sacotte
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Meal Plan Reminder – Funds remaining after May 1st are forfeited!

The details… Are you on track to use your entire meal plan money on your card? Ask at the register how much is remaining and divide by the number of days remaining in the semester. That is how much you can spend each day and get the most out of your meal plan.

Any money remaining at the end of the spring semester on your meal plan is forfeited.

A continuing balance is maintained in the food service database. You can ask the cashier at any time to tell you how much is remaining on the card.

Contact email: rickyheldt@miad.edu
Contact name: Ricky Heldt