Are You Having Problems With Your UPASS?  

Many students are having problems with their UPASS.  If you are one of them please do the following:
  1. Get the name of the driver, or route # and time of day and send it to Student Services via the WUFOO link in this article.
  2. Report the problem to the student help-desk in the R45 Suite so we can get MCTS to fix your UPASS.
  3. At the help desk ask for a copy of the MCTS memo instructing the drivers to let you on the bus.
  4. Show the memo and your MIAD ID to any bus driver who refuses to let you on the bus without paying the fare.
  5. If the driver STILL refuses to let you on the bus, pay the fare, and report the fare you paid, the date you paid it, and the driver’s name via the WUFOO form.  We will work to get you a reimbursement for any fare you are forced to pay.
  6. Using the WUFOO form is important because all reports go to both Student Services and Milwaukee County Transit.
We apologize on behalf of MCTS for the problems you are once again encountering with the “new & improved” UPASS.  Use of the WUFOO form, and expressing your frustration via that form, will hopefully motivate  MCTS to do something about the problem they created when they implemented the new UPASS system.
Tony Nowak
Dean of Students
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design   /
Direct Phone:  414-847-3240
Fax:  414-291-8077
Office:  R45C