The details… When preparing for final tests (or working on final academic papers), be sure to designate a quiet, well-lit area to work in. It seems generally recommended that you don’t study in front of the television, or in an area of your home where you’re bound to be distracted. Hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door if you need to. If you can’t find a quiet spot at home, go to the library. An additional suggestion is to study/write while sitting at a table or desk — avoiding very comfortable chairs or a beds, which may cause you to feel drowsy. The key here is to consider your learning/studying/writing environment — to be sure you are alert and focused.
Contact email:
Contact name: Cathryn Wilson

Deadline to Submit an Application for the Thailand and Ireland Programs is December 1st!

The details… Applications for the 2016 Summer Thailand and Ireland program will be accepted until December 1st. Get your application in and join some great MIAD faculty on an adventure you’ll remember the rest of your life! Freshmen who expect to successfully complete their first year of studies at MIAD by May 2016 can also apply. Stop by 450B to pick up application materials or information sheets. Study Abroad will change your life!
Contact email:
Contact name: Jenny Krantz, Director Creative Learning Opportunities

MIAD’s Annual Potluck and Turkey Fry

Date? Monday, November 23
Time? 6:00pm
Where? Sculpture Lab
How Much? FREEEEEEEEEEEE, all you can eat!
The details… Let’s all come together and feast on our successes of the semester! All Students and Faculty are welcome to sit down and dine as a community! Spread the love and bring a dish to pass. All potluck dishes will be judged, and cash prizes with be dealt to top three dishes that we just can’t get enough of.

Thinking about bringing something, let us know! Post in to the event or stop by RL45 and write it down. Let’s not have 20 pots of mashed potatoes!!

Invite everyone! The more the merrier!

Contact email:
Contact name: Ben Dembroski

LRC TIp of the Week: Find the Times that Work for You

The details… To avoid the opportunity of getting overwhelmed at the end of the semester, organize your workload around the times of day that work best for you. If you you write best in the morning, then dedicate that time to writing papers. What time is it when are you reading well or making great work in the studio? Follow what your internal clock is telling you and work when you are at your best. Focusing on tasks at the right time can make a big difference in working efficiently.

For more tips on managing your work load, stop in and talk with a peer tutor. Tutors are available MonThur 10:50 am-6:00 pm, and at other times by appointment.

Contact email:
Contact name: Cathryn Wilson

Computer Lab Hours for Thanksgiving Break

The details… The labs will have following hours for the upcoming Thanksgiving break
Wednesday 25th
8:00am – 4:00pm

Thursday 26th thru Sunday 29th

Please plan accordingly and have a good break. Extended hours will take place starting November 30th for the final weeks of school

Contact email:
Contact name: Michael Petrella

Student Success Workshop – Let’s Do This! Goal Setting and Action Planning

Date? Tuesday, November 17
Time? 7:15pm to 8:15pm
Where? Todd Wehr Auditorium, RL80
How Much? Free of course!
The details… Because of the RPM Exhibition Opening on Monday, November 16…the final workshop of the semester will be on Tuesday, November 17.
Do you set goals for yourself? Of course you do! But, are you being effective when you are setting your goals? Come to this workshop to learn the SMART goal setting method, how to follow-up successfully with setting tasks and priorities, and creating a workable action plan. This will be the final workshop of the Fall 2015 semester in which you can take from all that you have learned to create meaningful and effective goals for yourself around things aspects of your life like managing a budget, exploring majors and creative life paths, and securing an internship.
Contact email:
Contact name: Michelle Gross

Dick and Wayne: selected images by Jason and Jesse Pearson

The details… Photography Exhibition in the second floor Perspectives Gallery

Jesse and Jason are identical twin brothers and collaborative artists who work under the moniker Dick and Wayne. They use photography and drawing to navigate shared experiences and to create narratives existing between fact and fiction based on their memories, family history, and desires and fantasies from adolescence to adulthood. The Pearsons grew up hunting with their father, and they learned about animal sexuality, human survival, and the dynamic of predator and prey at a young age. Jesse and Jason compare their artistic process to hunting, in that they allow themselves to shoot whatever image they desire of their subjects. The resulting images create the depiction (and in some cases exploitation) of an element of male culture that is both beautiful and grotesque.

Born in rural Minnesota, Jesse and Jason completed BFA degrees in photography at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MN (2002). Jesse completed an MFA in photography at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque (2006), and Jason completed an MFA in photography at Syracuse University, NY (2007).

-Museum of Contemporary Photography 2011 (excerpt)

Contact email:
Contact name: Naomi Shersty