Movie Marathon 2K16 planning

Date Of Event * Friday, January 29, 2016
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MIAD Library
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During our first Student Party meeting of the semester we will be discussing our spring initiatives including our upcoming Movie Marathon as well as the MIAD Talent Show. There will be free food. Hope to see you there!
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Event Coordinator * Student Government

1098-T’s for 2015 are ready!

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1098-T’s for the 2015 calendar year are available for download at
Originals will mailed out to the student’s permanent address on file by 1/30/16. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Sarah Keaton or Laura Maniaci in the Student Account office, or stop by RL10.
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Contact Name * Sarah Keaton
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LRC Bonus Tip of the Week: Start the Semester ARMED with STRATEGIES!

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Looking for ways to arm yourself differently this semester? Check out the many ideas for improving and preparing yourself to deal with a new course load! Start the semester off right with tools you need to stay on top of assignment deadlines, prepare for upcoming exams, organize your class notes, and so much more! Check it out at the link below.
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Contact Name * Cathryn Wilsn
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LRC Tip of the Week: Take Care of YOU!

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Be on top of your game by making sure you eat regularly. Always pack food/snacks as part of your departure for school routine so even when your schedule is tight, you guarantee something in your stomach. And, don’t miss out on the healthy food available in the MIAD Cafe. You will find both variety and healthful choices to fill your meal and snacking needs. Feed your body to feed your creative mind!
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Contact Name * Cathryn Wilson