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We put together a short Newsletter (attached below) to get you excited about what’s new in the Library and the LRC this fall! Check it out — so you don’t miss out!
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The details… The TopAdvisor Scholarship opportunity will award the winning students $1,000 each to put towards their education. To apply for this scholarship, please submit a 700- to 1,000-word essay on one of the following topics:

Topic One:

At TopAdvisor, we understand the power education has to change people’s lives for the better. We help businesses make smart software choices by providing thorough buyer’s guides, detailed solution descriptions, and informational articles. As a student, you don’t just take away insightful information from your courses—you give back by sharing what you learn with others. Describe a situation in which you helped someone learn a valuable lesson. How did you learn that lesson? What method did you use to teach others? What was the result?

Topic Two:

Searching for the right business software solution is much like searching for the right college—you have to weigh your needs against what different programs offer and determine which school will help you become the most successful. Online comparison tools can help you choose the right college, just like TopAdvisor helps businesses select the right software. Describe how you compared colleges and what tools helped you make your final decision. How long did it take you to research different programs? What ultimately helped you make the right choice?

The application due date is September 30th, and the winners of the TopAdvisor Scholarship will be announced on October 14th.

Contact email: carolmasse@miad.edu
Contact name: Carol Masse

Reminder: Register for the new CanvassCareers site!

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Career Services sent you a couple of emails over the summer to let you know about the new CanvassCareers site and now that site is up and running! If you have not registered yet, visit: https://app.purplebriefcase.com/pb/account and register as a new user. You will notice that the new site is more visually appealing and has a bunch of new features– so get your profile started today!!
Contact Email * careerservices@miad.edu
Contact Name * ChristinaWickHeiser
Website Link https://app.purplebriefcase.com/pb/account

Reserve Your Parking and Overnight Parking

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Reserve Your Space In The Parking Lot Here: https://miadforms.wufoo.com/forms/miad-parking-registration/

Overnight Parking:

Good news, the folks at summerfest have agreed to allow overnight parking in the P West summerfest lot. Students will be allowed to park over night in the student lot. There will be rules and some restrictions that will apply. Students will also have to sign a waiver form stating that both MIAD and summerfest will not be responsible for any loss, vandalism, theft from vehicles, theft of vehicles or any loss whatsoever. There will be more information coming once all the rules are finalized. Students will be given a copy of all the rules and regulations when you pick up your parking permit on the first day of classes. The cost for student parking is $250.00 per semester. If you will be parking in the student lot you must have a valid parking permit. Permits from last semester are no longer valid. Any cars in the lot without a valid permit will be ticketed and or towed. Summerfest security will also be checking the lot for unauthorized cars. Any violation of the rules will result in MIAD losing the right to park overnight in this lot.  Your cooperation in absolutely necessary and is greatly appreciated.

Contact Email * keithkotowicz@miad.edu
Contact Name * KeithKotowicz

MIAD Sand Sculpture Competition

Date Of Event * Saturday, August 27, 2016
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Atwater Beach, Shorewood
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Come and cheer on the new MIAD students, and join in yourself, as they put their creative talents to work in the sand and the sun! All MIAD Students, Faculty, and Staff are invited to attend this annual event!
Contact Email * michellegross@miad.edu
Event Coordinator * MichelleGross

MIAD Student Planners!

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Don’t miss out owning your very own MIAD Student Planner! This year’s design is better than ever and is available for you for just $5!

All new students to MIAD (freshmen and transfers) receive a planner at Orientation. RA’s and mentors also get a planner as part of their position.

Click on the link for the Wufoo form to order your planner. Your student account will be charged and you will be able to pick up your planner in R45 at the Green Desk when you get to campus starting on Monday, August 29th!

There is a limited quantity of planners available…first come, first served!

Contact Email * michellegross@miad.edu
Contact Name * MichelleGross
Website Link https://miadforms.wufoo.com/forms/x1eh50v0g6snxk/
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MIAD Welcome Picnic

Date Of Event * Friday, August 26, 2016
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Noon to 1:30pm
Location *
Erie Street in Front of MIAD
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All MIAD students, faculty, and staff are invited to attend!
Food, Freebies, and Meeting New People!
Be sure to come on out, reconnect after the summer break, and meet new students, faculty, and staff that are joining MIAD for the 2016-2017 academic year.
Contact Email * michellegross@miad.edu
Event Coordinator * MichelleGross