Wisconsin LGBT Chamber’s Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program

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Building off a successful inaugural year, we are proud to be launching the second year of our Emerging Leaders Program. This program is an effort to help develop and prepare the next generation of LGBTQ professionals and business owners.

The Emerging Leaders Program is a mentorship program that will match LGBTQ college students (undergraduate and graduate) throughout Wisconsin with corporate professionals and business owners of LGBT Chamber members. The goal is to help students gain knowledge of the careers they’re interested in pursuing after graduation. This is a tremendous way to make sure LGBTQ students know that they can be an out leader in the workplace.

The second year of the program will officially commence in September 2017 and run until April 2018. Matches will be asked to:
– Meet on a regular basis over the program’s course in person, via Skype, phone, etc.
– Develop mentorship goals at the start of the program to detail what they’d like to accomplish together
– Participate in in-person job shadow opportunities for mentees

During the program, we will also provide professional development opportunities for mentees that mentors are also welcome to enjoy. These opportunities will discuss how to develop one’s LinkedIn profile, how to effectively network, and more. The objective is to provide at least three opportunities for students during the course of the program.

The Wisconsin LGBT Chamber will also hold a breakfast launch event and closing program to recognize the program’s participants. Attendance is encouraged but not required. Exact dates and locations will be shared after the application deadline.

Applications for LGBTQ students in Wisconsin who would like to participate as mentees will be due by May 15. Applications can be found online at http://tinyurl.com/LGBTMentees.

Applications for mentors will be made available on June 1, 2017, and due July 15. Mentors and mentees will be notified if selected in late August 2017.

If you have any specific questions about the Emerging Leaders Program, please feel free to contact us at (414) 678-9275 or jason@wislgbtchamber.com.

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