Health & Dental Insurance Information

Dear Student,

Talk with your parents to determine whether you are enrolled in an ACA compliant health insurance program and whether you have dental insurance.  If have both ACA compliant health insurance and dental insurance, read no further because this message does not apply to you.

Still reading?  This means you are interested in more information about health and dental insurance, right?  In that case, read on.

MIAD offers ACA compliant health insurance for those students who are uninsured or feel the added expense of being out of network merits enrollment in a secondary policy.  The policy brochure outlining coverage and cost is attached.

If you enroll in the health insurance plan you are also eligible to enroll in the dental insurance plan.  Note that only students enrolled in the WPS health insurance plan are eligible for dental insurance with this policy.  The dental insurance brochure outlining coverage and cost is also attached.

To enroll in the health insurance plan send me an email notifying me that you want to enroll and which tier of coverage you wish to be enrolled in (High or Zero Deductible).  Once I receive your enrollment request I will confirm with a follow up email outlining monthly premium and how the cost will be added to your student account.

To enroll in dental insurance just go to WPS Dental Insurance website and enroll directly.

The brochures are located here:

If, after reading the brochure(s) you have questions please contact me.

Tony Nowak
Dean of Students