LRC Tip of the Week: CHOICES MATTER!

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We are a few weeks into a new semester and if you find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed with your class expectations, check your choices! It is sometimes easier to do nothing to address a problem, and that, too, is a choice. But if you pause for a moment and acknowledge your goal to be successful, you may find it is time to make some different choices. Time management is a great place to start. Evaluate how you are managing your time and if you do not have strategies in place that are working, you may want to try something new. The LRC has a staff of tutors available to work with you to develop the strategies you need to be successful. You can work one-on-one in a personalized session or gather your friends and arrange for a group workshop (Build Your Own Workshop) to explore a variety of ways to relieve your stress about getting assignments done and in on time. The services provided by the LRC are available to all students. We want to see you succeed!

Stop in and sign up for an individual appointment or contact Cathryn Wilson to arrange for a group workshop today! Make your choices count!!!

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