MIAD Cafe Changes

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Starting the week of October 16th, the MIAD Cafe will now be offering Pizzas daily in the evening.

There will be 3 pizzas to choose from. Cheese, Pepperoni, and a daily Special Pizza. Check the MIAD Cafe Menu page to see which pizza is featured each day.

Want a toasted sandwich? By any Cafe deli sandwich and we will toast it for you. Please talk to Cafe staff to get your sandwich warm.

MIAD Cafe is also offering a daily afternoon grill sandwich. Check the menu to see the featured burger or sandwich.

MIAD Cafe Price Challenge Promotion Ends October 17th. Find an item that is offered at MIAD Cafe. If you find a cheaper price MIAD Cafe will match the price. Items must come from a store in Milwaukee County. The item much be identical to the item offered in the Cafe. (Ex. same fluid ounces, weight, brand, etc.) Provide proof of purchase for any cheaper item you find, a picture of the item and receipt. This promotion excludes sales, clearance, or dairy items.

Contact Email * markguzman@miad.edu
Contact Name * Mark Guzman