Student Party on hiatus until January 24th

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A big thank you to everyone that came out to today’s last Student Party meeting of the semester!
We will go on a little hiatus for Winter Break, but we will resume Wednesday, January 24th in the 3rd Floor Open Space @ 11am.
When we resume we will start planning for our annual Movie Marathon, Valentine’s Day Blood Drive, Open Mic Night, and our annual Talent Show to name a few.
Have a great break!
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When writing an artist statement, do not lose sight of the fact that your work is primary. The words are secondary, meant only to support what you do.

Keep your statement in the first person and strive to make it sincere. To this end, avoid unnecessary artspeak. Discuss your work in accessible terms.

A good rule of thumb: think of the least artistically minded person you know, perhaps a very conservative grandparent, and be sure they, too would understand what you are saying.

Write carefully, considering your words. When you have them down, step away and come back to them later with fresh eyes. If possible, have a friend or peer tutor read your statement and offer feedback.

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