Spring Semester UPASS

Date? Available Now
Where? Student Services Desk in R45
The details… Come pick up your new UPASS for the spring semester. Bring your ID. Replacement IDs will be five dollars.
Contact email: studentservices@miad.edu
Contact name: Grant Gill


Student Guide – Updated

The details… Attached is the updated Student Guide.
Contact email: jennifercrandall@miad.edu
Contact name: Jennifer Crandall
Weblink https://zmail.miad.edu/home/rickyheldt@miad.edu/Briefcase/Public/SP2012StudentGuide%20to%20SS.pdf


Sobreviviendo: Manéjese Con Cuidado (Surviving: Handle with Care)

Date? 2/3/20123/10/2012
Time? TueSat, noon – 5pm
Where? Walker’s Point Center for the Arts
How Much? Free
The details… WPCA is proud to present a portfolio of 28 prints highlighting endangered animals living in the region of Oaxaca, Mexico. Created under the direction of Juan Alcázar, these prints bring awareness to the negative environmental impact caused by humans, and emphasize the need to conserve wildlife and work towards a harmonious coexistence.
Contact email: maryo@wpca-milwaukee.org
Contact name: Mary Overman
Weblink http://www.wpca-milwaukee.org


UPASS Service Changes

The details… MCTS will be implementing a very large service change on January 29th.
Attached is the news release and a PDF which shows all the changes. Note that the GreenLine Express will stop at both Oakland & Park and MIAD so service between the dorm and school will be significantly improved. Please consult the attachments for clarification of service changes.
Contact email: tonynowak@miad.edu
Contact name: Tony Nowak Dean of Students
Weblink https://zmail.miad.edu/home/rickyheldt@miad.edu/Briefcase/Public/01_2012%20MCTS%20Introduces%20MetroEXpress.pdf



Painting: Creative Pathways Forum

Date? January 21, 2012
Time? 10-11:30 a.m.
Where? Todd Wehr Theater
How Much? Free to MIAD Students, but RSVP @ adultlearning@miad.edu
The details… Timothy Haglund creates exquisite large murals by commission. He discusses the client/artist relationship and the research/development to complete a project. http://web.me.com/timhaglund/Brittnay_Farm/Staircase_Mural/Staircase_Mural.html
Contact email: adultlearning@miad.edu
Contact name: Kari McIntyre
Weblink http://http://www.miad.edu/newsroom/latest-news/1443-lecture-series