Student Guide – Updated

The details… Attached is the updated Student Guide.
Contact email:
Contact name: Jennifer Crandall


China and Florence, Italy Deadline December 1st

Date? December 1st
Time? Applications can be received until the end of the day.
Where? Completed applications turned in to Jenny Krantz’ staf mailbox or 450B.
How Much? …is there a charge? or is it free?
The details… Get 3 studio elective credits plus 3 liberal studies credits to work in and explore Florence Italy or China in May/June. Information/ application packets outside of 450B.
Contact email:
Contact name: Jenny Krantz

Get Ready for Snow Days! Signup for MIAD Text Alerts

The details… For MIAD Faculty, Staff and Students Only!

We have a new system! Everyone must sign up for the new year!

Go to

Use this form to sign up for official MIAD communications via text messages and email.

This system will be used in cases of unscheduled closings (such as snow days), emergencies, outages, and other urgent and important situations.

The messages are sent by SMS text, and also (if you choose) by email. Depending on your plan, you may be charged by your phone provider for messages received.

This system is completely voluntary and designed to be managed by you. You’ll be asked to set up a password when you sign up. This will allow you to make changes to your account later on. For example, you may wish to change your notification phone number, or your wireless carrier. You can even cancel the service if that’s what you prefer.

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Contact name: MIAD Webmaster


MIAD’s Policy on Weapons on Campus

The details…

As of November 1, 2011, Wisconsin’s concealed carry law goes into effect. Beginning November 1st any Wisconsin resident 21 or older, who successfully passes a firearms training course, and passes a background check, may apply for a concealed carry permit, and with that permit carry a concealed weapon in Wisconsin.

Addressing the question of whether MIAD will allow concealed weapons on campus THE ANSWER IS NO.

MIAD has an absolute prohibition against firearms or any other dangerous weapon on campus.

No one, including a CCW licensee, may carry a firearm or dangerous weapon in or on the MIAD campus!

As stated in the Student Handbook, possession of a dangerous weapon on campus is a suspend-able offense.

Further, it is a class I felony for a person to knowingly possess a firearm (concealed or otherwise) on the grounds of a school in the State of Wisconsin.

Anyone violating the law or MIAD’s policy regarding weapons on campus will be prosecuted to the full extent of both Wisconsin state law and the MIAD Student Code of Conduct.

If you have any questions about MIAD’s weapons prohibition, contact Keith Kotowicz, the Director of Campus Security immediately.

Contact email:
Contact name: Keith Kotowicz


China Program Deadline – December 1st!

The details… Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to travel to China with MIAD Professor Jason Yi for 4 weeks next May and June. Earn 6 credits while exploring Beijing, Shanghai, Xi-an. Program cost – $4850. Includes 6 credits MIAD tuition, housing, some meals, travel within China plus museum and fieldtrip costs. (Airfare to China NOT included.) See Jenny Krantz (450B) for application materials, more information.
Contact email:
Contact name: Jenny Krantz, MIAD Study Abroad Coordinator


December 1st Deadline for MIAD’s Summer Florence Program

The details… Get 6 credits while studying in Florence! MIAD will once again be running it’s popular 4 week program in Florence this May. Students can receive 3 Studio elective credits plus their choice of 3 Art History OR 3 Humanities elective credits. Cost of program is $5310 and includes 6 credits of MIAD tuition, housing, museum admissions and fieldtrips plus some meals. (Airfare NOT included.) Stay in an apartment in the heart of Florence. Application deadline December 1, 2012. Stop by Jenny Krantz’s office (450B) for information and application forms or email her directly for more information.
Contact email:
Contact name: Jenny Krantz, MIAD Study Abroad Coordinator


Course Selection Meetings

The details… In a few weeks you’ll be selecting courses for Spring semester. We want to provide you with all of the information you need to make the best decisions.

To prepare you for making course decisions, we are hosting 4 Course Selection Meetings:

Wed: Oct 26 — at The Park, for 1st & 2nd Floor Residents of The Park

Thur: Oct 27 — For Commuters, Todd Wehr

Mon: Oct 31 — at The Park, for 3rd Floor Residents of The Park

Tue: Nov 1 — at The Park, for 4th Floor Residents of The Park

All meetings begin at 7:30 and will end by 9:00

Please attend one of these sessions!

All questions will be answered.

Contact email:
Contact name: David Martin, Vice President of Academic Affairs


Student Satisfaction Survey – SSI

The details… Your opinions matter to us. October 24-28 you will be given an opportunity in one of your classes to complete the SSI. It is an online survey that takes around 20 minutes to complete. Your feedback provides us with insight about your experience at MIAD; what is most important to you as well as how satisfied you are with various areas of your college experience. See your email for a more detailed message about the SSI. We look forward to hearing your voice about MIAD by providing us honest feedback.
Contact email:
Contact  Mary Schopp, Vice President for Enrollment Mgt.