Summer Internships

The details… Do you have summer plans? The summer between your junior and senior year is an ideal time to gain professional experience.

We are strong advocates of students “experiencing” their profession before they graduate. If you are interested in a summer internship contact Duane or Katie in Career Services to get the ball rolling!

Contact email:
Contact name: Katie Troeger

Unseen Architecture: MKE

Date? Sunday, March 14, 2010
Time? 1-5 PM
Where? The Eisner 208 N Water Street
How Much? FREE for ALL Students
The details… Showcasing 18 local architecture firms for their creative and inspirational thinking. The exhibition will highlight projects from the Milwaukee area that have never been built or seen before.
Join us for an afternoon of Art and Architecture including slide shows, talks with local Architects
and…. Free snacks and beverages!
Contact email:
Contact name: Michael Fortuna

Visiting Author Lecture at MIAD

What? Carol Sklenicka, Non-fiction reading
Date? Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Time? 11:15-12:15
Where? Todd Wehr Auditorium
How Much? Free and open to the public
The details… Nationally acclaimed scholar and biographer, Carol Sklenicka, will present a reading from her most recent book, “Raymond Carver: A Writer’s Life,” which the New York Times named as one of the “10 Most Important Books of 2009.”
Contact email:
Contact name: Judith Harway

Graduation 2010 Ceremony

To: All Graduating Seniors

From: Ricky Heldt

Click the following link for your Graduation Information. This information is meant to prepare you for your upcoming Graduation. Save this link so that you can check back for further updates. Please forward this email to your parents.

Contact email:
Contact name: Ricky Heldt

Student Focus Group – Updated

The details… Dear Students:

Many thanks to student government and photography students for participating in our focus group about the results of the student satisfaction survey. Below is the full schedule for focus groups by major. We made changes to the date for drawing and communications design to allow more students to participate. The schedule below reflects those changes. Please join us if you can. Sign up sheets are by the student receptionist’s desk on the river level in R45.

I will continue to send reminder notices. IAD students – we meet tomorrow. Hope you will be there.

Student Focus Group Schedule

Time: 11:00 until 12:20
Location: Boardroom

Lunch will be provided

Date Day Major
February 22 Monday Student Government
March 1 Monday Photography
March 2 Tuesday Interior Architecture + Design
March 3 Wednesday Drawing
March 5 Friday Sculpture
March 8 Monday Illustration
March 23 Tuesday Time Based Media
March 24 Wednesday Painting
March 25 Thursday Printmaking
March 26 Friday Foundations
March 29 Monday Industrial Design
March 30 Tuesday Integrated Studio Arts
March 31 Wednesday Foundations
April 1 Thursday Communications Design

Please note: Two focus group options are offered to foundations students to accommodate the large number of first-year students.
Foundations students should come to one of the two schedule focus groups for foundations students. Do not come to the focus group for the major you will choose for next year.

Sign up to participate in R45 – River Level.

Mary C. Schopp
Vice President for Enrollment Management

Contact email:
Contact name: Mary Schopp

Dr Pepper

The details… Now you can be a Pepper too! Thanks to student requests We have replaced the Diet Dr. Pepper with the original Dr. Pepper.
Contact email:
Contact name: Chef John Damico