Are you registered on CanvassCareers?

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Are you registered on CanvassCareers? If not, you should be!

In addition to art and design related job postings and internships, you will find on campus positions, off campus part time jobs, and freelance projects.

Register today:

For questions or account issues, please contact or stop by the Career Services Office in Suite 275.

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On view now – Inside Job exhibition

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Inside Job is on view through September 30 in the Brooks Stevens Gallery. It features MIAD alumni who worked as MIAD gallery staff members when they were students. It explores how behind-the-scenes knowledge of galleries and exhibit presentation has influenced their work.

Image: Floating Fruity by Claire Smith ’12

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Milwaukee Bucks Looking for Local Art Submissions for New Downtown Arena

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The Milwaukee Bucks are seeking submissions from artists with Wisconsin ties to showcase their creative talents at the new downtown arena.

Local artists and muralists of all levels and experience who are interested in being considered for the new arena collection may submit a short bio, sample images of artistic pieces indicating the style of their work and any other relevant information via PDF to PDF submissions should be no larger than 5MB and contain up to eight visual samples of past pieces created by each artist. Upon selection, artists will be notified and commissioned for specific works commencing this winter. All artists will be paid for their work in addition to promotion by both the Milwaukee Bucks and SATA through traditional and social media.

Mediums for submission include paintings (oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media), sketches/drawings (pen and ink, charcoal and pastels), mixed media (found objects, digital, assemblage and collage), photography, sculptures, murals, digital art and graphic arts.

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Van Bier Salon Student and Staff Discount

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Van Bier Salon is happy to offer an ongoing 20% discount for all services at our Walkers Point Salon for students and staff of MIAD! Please visit our website to book online or call 414-488-8307. We look forward to meeting you.
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LIBRARY & LRC become the MIAD Learning Commons!

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The initial stages of creating MIAD’s Learning Commons are underway. This fall you will find the Learning Resource Center (LRC) is positioned within the previously designated Library space — which we will now refer to as the “Learning Commons”. The new Learning Commons arrangement will make getting the resources and help you need easier than ever!

Stop by to check out our progress, and enjoy the Library’s book sale (runs to September 10th) and/or give us your thoughts about the LRC area. (Peer tutoring will be available starting on Monday, September 5th. Contact Cathryn Wilson if you have questions or would like to meet during the first week of classes.)

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Health & Dental Insurance Information

Dear Student,

Talk with your parents to determine whether you are enrolled in an ACA compliant health insurance program and whether you have dental insurance.  If have both ACA compliant health insurance and dental insurance, read no further because this message does not apply to you.

Still reading?  This means you are interested in more information about health and dental insurance, right?  In that case, read on.

MIAD offers ACA compliant health insurance for those students who are uninsured or feel the added expense of being out of network merits enrollment in a secondary policy.  The policy brochure outlining coverage and cost is attached.

If you enroll in the health insurance plan you are also eligible to enroll in the dental insurance plan.  Note that only students enrolled in the WPS health insurance plan are eligible for dental insurance with this policy.  The dental insurance brochure outlining coverage and cost is also attached.

To enroll in the health insurance plan send me an email notifying me that you want to enroll and which tier of coverage you wish to be enrolled in (High or Zero Deductible).  Once I receive your enrollment request I will confirm with a follow up email outlining monthly premium and how the cost will be added to your student account.

To enroll in dental insurance just go to WPS Dental Insurance website and enroll directly.

The brochures are located here:

If, after reading the brochure(s) you have questions please contact me.

Tony Nowak
Dean of Students


Reminder: Meal Plans After May 5th Are Forfeited

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Meal Plan Reminder – Funds remaining after May 5th are forfeited!

The details… Are you on track to use your entire meal plan money on your card? Ask at the register how much is remaining and divide by the number of days remaining in the semester. That is how much you can spend each day and get the most out of your meal plan.

Any money remaining at the end of the spring semester on your meal plan is forfeited.

A continuing balance is maintained in the food service database. You can ask the cashier at any time to tell you how much is remaining on the card.

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Contact Name * Ricky Heldt

Independence First October Gallery Night

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IndependenceFirst has a vision for full inclusion of people with disabilities in every aspect of our community, including making, viewing, and exhibiting original artwork.

We are now accepting applications to be considered for participation in our October 2017 juried exhibition to coincide with National Disability Awareness month. Our goal is to showcase the work of professional or aspiring professional artists with disabilities or whose work contains disability-related themes.

The artwork of selected applicants will be displayed in our reception area, on up to 145 ft. of wall space, for the entire month of October, with an artists’ reception on the evening of Friday, October 20, 2017, the Historic Third Ward Association’s Gallery Night event. In addition to the Gallery Night attendance, IndependenceFirst hosts many meetings and trainings in our facility and can sometimes have as many as 1,000 visitors in a day.

DEADLINE: JUNE 2, 2017 (If materials are not received by this date, they will not be considered).
Application instructions on website link and attached.

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