252 Summer Housing Deadline

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The deadline set for all 252 Summer Housing applications to be turned in by – this Friday, April 21st at noon.

Please get your completed applications to Marianne Honrath by then, and then wait to hear back about approval, and proceeding with making your $200 security deposit. Thank you.

Contact Email * mariannehonrath@miad.edu
Contact Name * Marianne Honrath

Student Pancake Breakfast

Date Of Event * Monday, April 24, 2017
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8am – 11am
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MIAD Cafeteria
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President Jeff Morin is hosting a “Student Pancake Breakfast” Monday, April 24th from 8am – 11am in the MIAD Cafeteria. Breakfast will be served by MIAD Faculty & Staff. Hope to see you there!
Contact Email * mariannehonrath@miad.edu
Event Coordinator * Marianne Honrath
Optional. Attach a jpg to appear in the River Rat Review. (Other files other than jpg’s are not acceptable.) pancake_breakfast_flier.pdf 486.22 kB · pdf

PrideFest Volunteers Wanted!

Date Of Event * Friday, June 9, 2017
Time *
6/9 3-Midnight 6/10 Noon-Midnight 6/11 Noon-Midnight
Location *
Henry W. Maier Festival Park (Summerfest Grounds) 200 N Harbor Drive Milwaukee WI 53202
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We need your help to make our 30th anniversary the best it can be!

PrideFest is looking to get involved with local area college students and recruit volunteers to help at this year’s PrideFest!

Some perks include free apparel, free food, and FREE ENTRY to PrideFest for the day!

Anyone can sign up to volunteer for June 9th, 10th, 11th, or all three days. Shifts are a minimum of 4 hours, with a 15 minute break.

The volunteer positions will be assigned on the day of the festival. Positions include: Security Patrol, Accessibility Assistant, Entertainment Assistant, and more.

There is also a mandatory volunteer orientation session that can be attended on various dates (May 25-26, June 1-7) that can be selected by the volunteer.

More information and applications can be found online at www.pridefest.com/volunteer.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact info@milwaukeepride.org or mcnamertp24@uww.edu.

Contact Email * mcnamertp24@uww.edu
Event Coordinator * Tyler McNamer
Website http://pridefest.com/volunteer/
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Study Abroad Information Meeting

Date Of Event * Friday, April 28, 2017
Time *
Location *
Room 270
Cost *
none, of course!
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Learn about MIAD’s upcoming 2018 Summer Study Abroad/ Travel courses as well as get answers to your questions about semester exchange programs available to eligible MIAD students.
Find out about application procedures, general costs, required deposits, etc. Participating in study abroad takes time and planning, so this information will be of particular value to current freshmen and sophomores!
Contact Email * jkrantz@miad.edu
Event Coordinator * Jenny Krantz

Stand up with Stanford/Marquette

Date Of Event * Monday, April 24, 2017
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Location *
AMU Ballroom – Marquette University
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Participate in a staged reading of Emily Doe’s powerful victim impact statement in the sentencing hearing of Brock Turner, followed by a series of statements from survivors on Marquette’s campus.

For more information, contact jessica.szuminski@marquette.edu or madeleine.farley@marquette.edu

Contact Email * jennifercrandall@miad.edu
Event Coordinator * Marquette University
Optional. Attach a jpg to appear in the River Rat Review. (Other files other than jpg’s are not acceptable.) stanfordmarquette_flyer.pdf 79.53 kB · pdf


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WARNING: Do not park or leave your vehicle unattended in the no parking areas in front of the academic building. I understand that Senior Thesis is rapidly approaching and students are unloading materials for their Thesis show and it is just easier to unload in front of the school, Unfortunately parking enforcement does not care. Parking enforcement is not only ticketing vehicles that are parked in no parking areas but they are also towing them away. As much as we would like to help you out security has no say over the city parking rules. If you are unloading materials please use the loading zone immediately to the east of the front entrance or use the loading dock.. You are allowed 15 minutes in the loading zone. Once the vehicle is hooked up to the tow truck the vehicle belongs to them. Remember it only takes the tow truck a matter of seconds to hook up to a vehicle. Avoid the hassle and park in the appropriate area. If you are unsure where the load ing zone is stop by the security desk and we will show you where it is.
Contact Email * keithkotowicz@miad.edu
Contact Name * Keith Kotowicz

Graduation Senior Photo

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2017 Graduating Students:
Stop in RL45 on April 19th from 12:00-4:00pm to have your photo taken.

We will be using the photos for a presentation at graduation.

If you do not get your photo taken on April 19th we will use you id photo 🙂


Contact Email * jweimer@miad.edu
Contact Name * Jean Weimer

Change Your Photo On Your Student ID For Next Year

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Each year we print new student ID’s. Would you like an updated photo on it? If yes click here and submit an updated photo. We will print them over the Summer in time for pick up at the start of next school year: https://miadforms.wufoo.com/forms/miad-student-id-photo-form/
Contact Email * rickyheldt@miad.edu
Contact Name * Ricky Heldt
Website Link https://miadforms.wufoo.com/forms/miad-student-id-photo-form/

LRC Tip of the Week: Staying Focused!

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If you don’t know how to focus and keep track of what is most urgent you will get that feeling of overwhelm that will cause you to not be at your best. One strategy is to keep a list of urgent only tasks on a note pad that you can always glance at, so when you have a few minutes to tackle your urgent list items, you will know exactly where to start.

For additional tips on staying on top of assignments and projects, stop in the LRC to work with a tutor to come up with ideas that will work for you!

Contact Email * cathrynwilson@miad.edu
Contact Name * Cathryn Wilson