Transportation and Parking

Reminder: All students carrying a course load of 12 credits or more will receive a UPASS. The UPASS will be attached to your ID card. This will provide you with unlimited access to ride the bus in Milwaukee County to and from school. We strongly encourage you to make use of your UPASS, but if for some reason you feel that you need a car take a look at the next page on options for commuter parking.  Parking is not available in the Commuter lot for students that are living in the Residence Hall.

Commuter Meal Plan

Commuting students may purchase meals in advance or when you arrive on campus for the MIAD Café. This eliminates the worry about bringing a lunch or carrying cash every day. Meals are good for an “all you can eat” meal. The Commuter Meal Plan can be used for any meal served by Sodexo Campus Services. Our goal is to provide students with good food at a fair price. “All you can eat” means all you can reasonably eat in one meal. It does not cover snacks between meals.

Your meal is prepaid and a continuing balance is maintained in the food service database. You can ask the cashier at any time to tell you how many meals you have remaining on your ID card.

The cost of the meal plan is 30 Meals for $150.00. The commuter meal plan is sold in blocks of 30 meals you can add more meals on at any time in blocks of 30 meals for $150 per block.

  • Bonus! Three extra meals free with fully punched Frequent Diners Club Card. See Chef or Cashier for details at your first meal.

To introduce our new Commuter Students to the MIAD Café we have arranged for all Commuters to eat for free during Orientation week. We feel once you “get a taste” of what we have to offer you will be happy you purchased a Commuter Meal Plan to make your meal times easier.

See you at the MIAD Café’

All that you need to do is open the attached form and send it in.

MIAD’s New Floor Plan

Well the day has finally come. We have decided to abandon the color designations for the floors and  move toward creating a more logical way of numbering rooms within the building. While this is not a perfect or final resolution to fixing our way-finding problems, we think it’s a good first step.

Taking our cue from the elevator…
• The River Level rooms will stay essentially the same and be defined as RL + room number. (i.e. the Student Services Suite is RL45).
• The 1st Floor numbers will change from B + number to 1+ number (ex. B35 changes to 135).
• The 2nd Floor numbers will change from Y + number to 2+ number (ex. Y10A changes to 210A).
• The 3rd Floor numbers will change from G + number to 3+ number (ex. G60 changes to 360).
• The 4th Floor numbers will change from P + number to 4+ number (ex. P75C changes to 475C).

You’ll notice that any letters at end of the numbers will remain.
Because we want to keep to 3 digit numbers, all rooms currently designated as 100 will change to 99. So, for example, the Photo area will change from Y100 to 299.

Since the larger circle signs found in the hallway only have numbers on them, we will be leaving these in place for now.

Altered signage necessary for the 1-4 floors will be ready to go by the start of Fall semester.

Student Union Gallery – Call for Proposals

The details… The Student Union is lovable in its sort of wilted shabbiness. You can expect some things to be broken or out of stock but there’s always coffee and your friends work there. In contrast, this year, we have an opportunity to utilize the Union’s gallery space to work together to bring fresh, solid new work to the community, to help everyone gain experience working with proposals and sustained projects that don’t have to fit into the confines of a class.

That said, what are your ideas? What do you want to work on this year? Proposals for projects/curated shows should include a visual overview, project rationale, budget and timeline. Feel free to include any additional information you feel necessary, sketches etc. and send to

Thanks! I’m excited to see what everyone can come up with and to start working!

Contact email:
Contact name: Sara Caron


Date? Friday, June 18th-30th
Time? 6-10 PM
Where? Jackpot Gallery
How Much? …is there a charge? or is it free?
The details… In Riepenhoff’s first ever solo show and first exhibition at Jackpot Gallery a cache of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and a performance will pay homage to work of others that have influenced this artist’s understanding of the art world through their activity in the Milwaukee art scene. Riepenhoff embodies the ethos of other artist’s practices in an attempt to acknowledge their influence on him and to find his own meaning through a more close understanding of others’ work. Resembling a group show yet made by one person, this exhibition is an investigation into originality in the creation process and the influences of a community on art-making.

Riepenhoff is a 2009 winner of the Mary Nohl Fellowship for Individual Artists and is in the 2010 Wisconsin Triennial. His work has been written about in the New York Times and Art Forum and he has exhibited internationally including projects in the Tate Modern and Frieze Art Fair(London); Gavin Brown’s Enterprise and the Swiss Institute (New York); Angstrom Gallery and Ooga Booga (Los Angeles); Tokyo 101 Art Fair (Tokyo); Kölnischer Kunstverein (Cologne), Karma International (Zurich), Fredric Snitzer Gallery (Miami); The Suburban (Oak Park); Milwaukee Art Museum, Dean Jensen Gallery, and Small Space (Milwaukee) among others. In July of 2010 he will be attending Summer Studio Residency at the Sullivan Galleries in Chicago.

Thanks to the following artist’s for inspiring elements of this show: James Franklin, Katie Kraft, Nicholas Frank, Paul Stoelting, Peter Barrickman, Santiago Cucullu, Sara Clendenning, Sarah Luther, Scott Reeder, Stephanie Barber, Steve Wetzel, Tyson Reeder, and all artists who have worked with The Green Gallery. Thank you.

more info email:
Martha Johnson
or visit:

Contact email:
Contact name: Martha Johnson

Alumna’s web concept promotes ‘buy local’ for arts

The details… Alumna Valorie Schleicher ’01 (Sculpture) has started a new web-based art advocacy resource for artists and galleries with a goal of promoting local artists., whose tagline is “Artists Helping Artists Enriching Our Communities, “makes it easy for buyers to browse through and find an artist in any medium and directly contact them by way of their website, gallery representative, studio, or phone and e-mail,” Schleicher said.

Each artist’s portfolio (profile) has a headshot and samples of their work and is searchable by the medium through which they create. “It’s an easy way for buyers and lovers of art to find an artist that fits their needs and taste,” she explained.

The site also allows for users to search for needed services. “Say you have water damage to your plaster molding and need an artists servie?? to repair it, one simply has to click on artisan services and search by plaster repair. One result, for explain, is Orlandini’s Studio, a master plaster artisan,” Schleicher said.

The cost of the online portfolio is $20.00 per year and is discounted to $15.00 for MIAD alumni and $10 for students.

For more information visit

Contact email:
Contact name: Aaron Mayo

Tutoring is available this summer at MIAD.

The details… Tutoring is available in the Learning Resource Center MondayFriday (11:30 – 12:30) and by appointment. Please stop by the LRC for feedback on papers, questions on assignments, or help managing school work, summer jobs and commitments. The LRC staff is working all summer.
Contact email:
Contact name: jennifer crandall

Donate your unwanted art supplies

The details… instead of throwing away you old broken pencils and crayons or charcoal give your unwanted supplies to Artists Working in Education and City Year to create art kits for kids art supply items such as: colored pencils, paint, brushes, etc. The bins for donating supplies are located on the 1st,2nd and 3rd floor by the elevators.
Contact email:
Contact name: Lindsi M. Lara

Summer Humanities Credits: studying food locally

The details… Interested in why Americans eat what they do? Inspired by graduation speaker Will Allen? Consider taking HS Food and Power in the 2nd summer session. We’ll study gardeners in Milwaukee, and the ideas of Fast Food Nation, Michael Pollan, Sweet Water Organics and others. And our own diets…
Contact email:
Contact name: Jeff Filipiak