In fall 2009, MIAD began moving toward a dynamic, digital learning environment to better prepare students to be peak performers when they enter the professional world.

The Open Book Learning Initiative, a partnership with Apple, is designed so that all MIAD students will be as conversant with laptops and digital media as they are with graphite and paint, paper and wood, clay and steel.

The program was so successful for our communication design and photography students educationally, personally and professionally that MIAD now required its students to have a laptop.

Putting the most powerful portable digital tools in the hands of each of our students will hone their skills and unleash their talents.

The laptop initiative had been in progress for 3 years; MIAD has been putting it in place in increments, and it has been implemented flawlessly.  The culmination of this effort is the Open Book Learning Initiative, the communication portal for everything involved with our laptop program. We are here to help you with the transition to a laptop based curriculum.

MIAD has set up a committee to facilitate this transition into a laptop based curriculum. These members include:

Kim Tondryk
Elliot Powell
Matt Ogden
Brenda Jones
Stacey Steinberg
David Garacci
David Martin
Phil Belair
Marie Kaminski
Jenny Krantz