New Laptop

There are two main options when deciding on a new laptop. Please consider the pros and cons of each.

MacBook Pro

MIAD recommends the MacBook Pro. This computer is specialized for art and design, from its user interface to its graphics card and everything in between. Please visit our FAQs section for more information on why the MacBook Pro is such a good choice to own for your career with MIAD. The MacBook Pro 15″ is only a recommendation. You are free to choose whichever laptop fits your productivity and budget.

MIAD’s MacBook Pro Discount

PC laptops

Not everyone is comfortable or interested in owning a MacBook Pro. There are dozens of PC based laptops that are perfectly capable of functioning to the requirements we have at MIAD, and they all run the same software. However, MIAD does not have a partnerships with PC based laptop companies, and therefore no discounts will be available. It is also important that the PC that you choose is capable of running the required software for your program. For instance, some PCs do not have a powerful enough graphics card to run the 3D or animation programs required. Please make sure to check the hardware section to find out if the PC you are interested in meets the software requirements.

PC laptops can be purchased in many locations, both online and at retailers such as Best Buy. Recommended companies include but are not limited to:
Hewlett Packard


Software will be important to your specific major and interests. Please follow the link to our software section. There you will find all your required software based on your major/minor.  Navigation for your specific major or interest can be found to your right.

Software Department

Financial Aid

Finally, there is the issue of financing. A brand new laptop is expensive, and MIAD will have financial aid options available. Please follow the link to our financial aid page for more information.

Financial Aid