Laptops are quickly becoming a necessary tool in the photographers line of work. Digital photography and instant editing capabilities are the future of this ever growing field. From viewing work in real time at a photo shoot, to endless editing and post production techniques, laptops are essential to photographers.

The following are required and recommended Photography software programs for the Fall semester and beyond. This list is subject to change, and a complete list will be sent to you before the beginning of the Fall semester.

***Note: Interested in possible less expensive prices?  It may be less expensive to access software via the:

==> MIAD school page on Journey Ed. <==

To do so, please click the link above and search for the software you are interested in.  If you have any trouble or need assistance, please contact Open Book.

Required Software for Photography all levels:

All-Student Package
Listed in: Foundations section
Adobe CC
– Price: $100 (It will show up as an item on your tuition bill for incoming students)
– Availability: Supplied at MIAD for all incoming students

MIAD provided Microsoft Office
– Price: Free
– Availability: TBA

Sketchup | | Free

Recommended Software:

Found at: Apple App Store | $60 (Each component sold seperately on Apple App Store for $20/piece.)
*NOTE: iWork is free with Mavericks.*)

SuperDuper or Other backup software
Found at: | $27.95

Estimated Total for Required Software without tax:


* For the most up-to-date costs please check the software through the links.