MIAD is dedicated to making the process of purchasing a laptop and software as easy and enjoyable as possible, so here are some helpful hints, tips and links for anyone who is having issues, concerns, or complaints with the Open Book Learning Initiative.

Any problems with hardware or software can be solved by contacting our technical support team. Please contact us by emailing the address listed below:

Technical Service Desk
-Located on the 2nd floor

Scheduled hours of operation can be found at the tech service desk on the second floor.

Contact Information

For questions, comments, complaints


As a student as well as employee of MIAD, it is my goal to communicate the concerns of students and faculty about the Open Book Learning Initiative. Please do not hesitate to send me an email if you have something you want to address about this program. Don’t be shy; it is you the student we are trying to better through this program, so your concerns are our concerns.

Financial Aid
For financial aid questions/concerns

MIAD Financial Aid Office
273 E Erie Street
Milwaukee WI 53202
Phone: 414-847-3200
Fax: 414-291-8077
River level, through the cafeteria
Open Book financial aid page

Affording a new laptop and comprehensive software packages can be a major concern for current and potential students. Our financial aid department is glad to sit down and discuss the options available for purchasing a laptop and software.

Please see our FAQs section

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