2013 Service Learning Symposium Highlights Compassionate Action

Service takes place among faculty, staff and students in many different ways throughout the college. The hours that our students serve in the larger community are just one of the things MIAD involves itself in on behalf of strengthening our neighborhoods and teaching active civic engagement.

The college has been involved in many different ways this year with the GE Healthcare and the COMPASSION PROJECT. Directly, some students have been considering the specifics of how to assist people who have breast cancer through the labyrinth of their diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. Indirectly, students have been considering the idea of compassion and compassionate action. What does that mean – and what might it mean to the citizen who is also an artist or designer.

This year we have invited Carrie Fitzgerald to speak to our students. She is currently an advocate in Washington DC on behalf of children and families – and making them a priority in federal policy and budget decisions. She began, as do our students, with community service. She then decided to build a career around it. She will be able to speak not only to her own work – but how the idea of compassion should be a part of anyone’s work.

In addition, we are honoring ID Senior Sean Simmons this year with an award for going above and beyond the required service work in HU 380. Sean is graduating this year – and you will be interested when you visit the Senior Exhibit – to see how he has built the idea of “compassionate action” into his Senior Project.

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