Bridge Magazine

In 2009 students in several departments at MIAD began working together to create online publications under the name MIAD BRIDGE.  This has now become a yearly project that is undertaken in the Fall Semester of the academic year.

BRIDGE publications involve cross-media content design, and present how students engage the world and contribute beyond their assignments. The final outcome is  a “This I Believe” statement in print, new media, and web site formats that describes student service projects reflecting on their values. Through service learning, illustration and communication design courses students work together.

The courses emphasize a clear  understanding of end users. In terms of the studio aspect of the publication –  important design considerations are raised and made  relevant by applying them to multiple media. The designer and illustrators working in this way are identified as content authors.

Please spend some time looking through these thoughtfully constructed publications.


by Andiana Aguilu  


by Noah Arndt-Kelber 


by Elizabeth Avila


by Madyson Brady


by Aaron Czarnecki


by Dani Doubleday


by Iliana Durbin


by Kennen Edwards


by Joe Estrem


by Alison Galarza


by Ben Govek


by Cody Gunderson


by Arielle Jardine


by Ethan Keister


by Grant Mahr

by Moli Nelson


by Ian Powell


by Lily Regalado


by David Small


by Hannah Strom


by Sam Szutkowski


by Daniela Valle

by Jihyun Woo


by Erick Bartel


by Devin Charlton


by Joanna Chon


by Brenna Finnegan


by Lauren Glomski


by Ben Hapka


by Mary Krzyzewski


by Becca Maynard


by Beck Mulkey


by Alex Ragusin


by Tim Reddington


by Yuzu Sakamoto


by Colleen Scanlon


by Jeremy Sigrist